Twin Registry Must Haves: Feeding Edition


Baby Registries for twins are full of single and double of items. So what do you need to feed twins? Check it out #twinpregnancy #twins #twinbabies #twinboys #pregnancy #pregnant #babies #babygear #forbabies #babystroller #babybassinet

Hello Mamma Bears,

I can’t believe the twins’ baby shower is in 17 days! I feel like time is just flying and as soon as the shower comes by the boys will be here in the blink of an eye! Now let’s talk about my feeding must haves. This list is not just tailored to my needs as a twin mom, but as to my plans breastfeed & pump for them.

Baby Registries for twins are full of single and double of items. So what do you need to feed twins? Check it out #twinpregnancy #twins #twinbabies #twinboys #pregnancy #pregnant #babies #babygear #forbabies #babystroller #babybassinet

Bottles- You can’t know exactly what they will like. However, I registered for the Como Tomo and the Tommee Tippee bottles because of their similarities to a human breast.

Bottle Nipples-I recommend a few different sizes for their growth

Nursing Covers- I love Bebé Au Lait muslin covers to keep them from getting too hot. I recommend having 2 for when you need one washed.

Spectra S1 Double Breast pump– With my last baby I had the Medela Pump In Style and hated how long it took. I have been recommended the Spectra S1 over and over again.

Breast pump accessories- Cleaning supplies, a bag, and extra flanges.

Breast pads- I love the Lansinoh Ultimate Protection. They are super absorbent

Haakaa Pump– You would be surprised how much breastmilk you can catch on your other breast with the Haakaa while nursing from one.

Breastfeeding Pillow-My Brest Friend XL for Twins is on my list along with a cover.

Pacifiers- Lots and lots of them! MAM is my go to brand.

Pacifier Clips- I prefer the kind that you loop in vs. some of the ones that hook onto the top of the pacifier.

Pacifier Pods-Along with pacifiers I also recommend a pacifier pod per child. I keep being told thrush is common if you let them swap pacifiers and bottles without cleaning. My plan is to keep their own pacifiers in each one. We made sure to pick ones that match our diaper bag!

Nursing Bras-Sleep bras, regular nursing bras, and some nursing sports bras. They come in handy vs trying to maneuver out of a regular one.

Nipple Cream-My go to is Mothers Love. Heals way faster!

Bottle Sterilizer-We like the microwave Tommee Tippee sterilizer.

Bottle Drying Rack-Boon is out favorite. We recommend the large grass with a few of the flowers and twig attachments for plenty of hanging space.

Bottle Brush– I love the OXO bottle brush. On one end is the large brush and the other end of the brush is a smaller brush perfect for cleaning inside the bottle nipples.

Fuel Cell- The JuJuBe Fuel cell is the perfect insulated bag to keep your breastmilk, snacks, etc.

Bibs- We registered for teething bibs, silicone bibs, and some plastic bibs too.

Burp Cloths- Lots and lots of them! I love the thick Aden + Anais muslin ones and the Gerber ones they’re very absorbent.

High Chair– I highly recommend something that reclines and converts into a booster. We love the Graco 6-in-1 Blossom because it can convert into booster seats!

EZPZ Mat- a LIFE CHANGER with Lia’s eating. These silicone mat/bowls in one are amazing. You do not need to worry about your kiddos tossing them and they are great for introducing various foods to your little ones. We added the Mini Mat and the full-sized mat as well.

EZPZ Spoon- Such a great spoon designed to encourage self feeding!

Cups– We registered for the Munchkin 360 Miracle Cup as well as the EZPZ cup!

Fresh Food Feeder– We did register for 2 sets so we can have 2 per child at hand.

Remember, if you plan to bottle feed you will need more bottles and nipples in many more sizes as well. Next week let’s talk diapering & bath! Don’t forget to check out the Gear Edition & Nursery Edition!

Baby Registries for twins are full of single and double of items. So what do you need to feed twins? Check it out #twinpregnancy #twins #twinbabies #twinboys #pregnancy #pregnant #babies #babygear #forbabies #babystroller #babybassinet

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