15 At Home Summer Activities

Hello Mammas, Summer break has officially begun and for the next 10 weeks my soon to be 4th grader and 2 year old will be…

Summer is here and kids need entertaining. I put together these 15 activities you can do with your kids from the comfort of your own home #summer #summerfun #summeractivities #summertime #athome #parenting #forparents #parenthood #summerwithkids #kids #summervacation #summerbreak #summerlist #summerbucketlist

Hello Mammas,

Summer break has officially begun and for the next 10 weeks my soon to be 4th grader and 2 year old will be home. Not to mention in 5 short weeks we will welcome twin boys into our home. Summer 2019 will surely be a very busy one in so many ways. Although my husband will be home (thank goodness for paternity leave) we wanted to prepare a list of activities we can do at home with the girls and gather any supplies we might need.

The goal is to make sure they are entertained because leaving home won’t exactly be the best option and don’t feel left out all while being cost-efficient. I am going to provide you with 15 different activities you can do at home along with the list of any supplies you might need. You can rotate these as Summer goes on and even add your own little twist to them. The plan is to incorporate this activity of the day as something different than just playing with their toys and in addition to some reading time.

  1. Water Play: This can be the use of a water table, setting up a small pool in your yard, a Slip N Slide, water balloons, those dollar store water guns, anything involving water. I actually want to rotate with at least 1 water day per week involving something different mentioned above. What you need: Water
  2. Play Doh Day: You can find variety packs on Amazon or at Target with tons of shape cutters and colors. My kids can play with Play Doh for hours. Theme out your Play Dough plays; Cookie day where everyone makes play doh cookies, shapes day, outer space theme, etc. What you need: Play Doh
  3. Water Coloring painting: I picked up some watercolor pallets at the dollar store along with a thick plain paper pad they can use to paint on. What you need: watercolor pallets & paper
  4. Jewelry Making: I recommend larger beads for your little ones. Practicing stringing beads is a great fine motor activity and they can proudly wear what they made. What you need: string & beads.
  5. Baking: Baking cookies and cupcakes will keep them super busy. From baking them to decorating them they can have a blast and a tasty treat afterwards. What you need: baking mix, frosting & sprinkles
  6. Forts: I cannot name a single child who does not enjoy building forts. Heck, even my husband joins in. You might roll your eyes at the mess, but the hours of fun for them and peace for you are worth the 20 minute clean up time. What you need: Blankets, pillows, space
  7. Coloring: Pick up some coloring books at your local dollar store and let them go to town. If you want to change it up let them bring their coloring outside and enjoy it outdoors. Some times all they need it a change of scenery. What need: coloring books & crayons
  8. Music Day: Maybe you bring out some boxes they can drum on or maybe they can take some time to make up a song or a dance and then have a show for you! My girls love to put on performances. What you need: music
  9. Chalk Art: Give my kids some chalk and sidewalk and they are happy campers. Encourage them to draw and see how much of the pavement they can cover, play hopscotch with them, or have them lay down while you trace their body! What you need: Chalk & space
  10. Garden: You can find seeds, soil, and small pots for very inexpensive at your local hardware and home supply store. Let them plant something right in the beginning and help them tend to their plant all Summer long. Take photos of it each week to show them how much their plant has grown. What you need: seeds, soil, pots
  11. Make slime: I will be honest. I am the first person to dislike slime in my home. But the process of making it and playing with it can make my kids very happy and keep them very busy. I do not have a recipe for you but I do love those easy to make slime kits. What you need: slime!
  12. Have a backyard picnic: Bring lunch time or snack time outside. Grab a large blanket and set your kiddos up. It will seem like such a fun adventure and you don’t even need to leave your own home! What you need: a blanket & food
  13. Bubble Day: Is it just me or do all kids love bubbles? I sure feel like they do. We pick up bubbles in bulk and use that to refill the small containers we buy at the dollar store. My kids can be there popping bubbles for such a long time! What you need: bubbles
  14. Magazine Day: This is something I enjoyed as a child. My parents would give me a piece of construction paper, scissors, glue, and magazines. I would cut out letters and pictures I liked and just make my own little books. What you need: magazines, scissors, glue, construction paper
  15. Dress Up: There are days my kids love to play dress up. They can go into their closer and drawers and dress up however they’d like. They add costume tiaras and necklaces to their looks and love it. Often it is followed by a fashion show. However, this can be superhero dress up as well. What you need: clothes & patience

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