Hospital Bag Essentials For Baby & FREE Printable

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Hello Mammas,

We have hit 32 weeks! A huge milestone for us since our local hospital can provide Level 2 NICU help! That means…at 32 weeks they can care for our babies, but not sooner. Not to mention the avg twin pregnancy lasts 35.5 weeks! For us this meant it was a good idea to pack everyone’s hospital bags (will be sharing my husband’s & my bag later this week). We wanted to keep our bag minimalist & only carry with us what we would need. We made sure to ask what the hospital provided at our maternity hospital tour so that we would not overpack.

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1.Any photo props

This includes anything you want to take photos with your baby while still in the hospital. As a blogger/social media mamma I have prepared what I want for that big birth announcement photo. I am not having a Fresh 48 session so whatever I want I need to pack. Maybe it’s a letterboard, some sort of banner or sign, etc.

2.Swaddle & beanie sets

The hospital will provide you with their blankets and beanies, so of course this is mostly for those photo ops and if you simply want them in your own things.


This was the one thing the nurses said they do not provide babies with so we will be making to pack 2 pairs per day per baby to make sure they have their little feet covered.

4.Going home outfits

Because we know how often babies are examined during the hospital stay the only outfits in our bag will be the ones they will wear when we leave the hospital. Our labor & delivery nurses actually advised us not to bring too many changes of clothes since they can get in the way of a quick check up.

5.Car Seats

Of course this isn’t going in your bag, but make sure you have car seats installed and ready to go before you are discharged. We can get so excited and caught up in “We just had a baby look how cute” that we can totally forget.

My list is not extensive, it is pretty simple and practical. These are the absolute basics you should pack. Anything else you want for baby is up to you. You don’t even need a separate bag, these tiny pieces can all be put into the same bag mommy & daddy pack in. What would you make sure to pack for your baby?

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