Hospital Bag Essentials for Mom & Dad

Hospital bags are an essential part of getting ready for a new arrival. This list will give you just the essentials so you dont pack your whole home #hospitalbag #laboranddelivery #labor #babies #havingbabies #twinbabies #twinpregnancy #pregnancy #pregnant #postpartum #delivery #hospital #laborprep #printable

Hello Mammas,

A few days ago I shared with you the simple items we are packing for the babies upon their arrival. Now let’s talk about my husband & I. Somewhere along the lines of “Hey you’re pregnant it’s twins” and now I stopped trying to pack too much. I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist, but I am all about having the least amount of clutter possible. This hospital bag packing situation is no different- I want to bring ONLY what I need.

I highly recommend contacting your hospital to see what basics they provide you with so you also don’t need to overpack. A lot of the items you see on many checklists you will find your hospital provides you with.

For Mom

  • Identification: This is a must in order to get checked in
  • Insurance card: Another big one!
  • Birth Plan: If you have one bring it, but remember plans can change and it is okay
  • Birthing Ball: if you are planning to use one a lot of hospitals do not have any to provide you. Go ahead and call them to find out first.
  • Robe or gown: You can stay in the hospital gown or bring your own if you want to be more comfortable
  • Nursing bra: You don’t need to wear a bra. However, if you are having visitors it might be something you want
  • Clothes: Again this is your choice. You can wear your hospital bag the whole time or change into comfortable clothes. Remember that you will still look and feel pregnant right after so bring something loose and maternity for most comfort.
  • Slippers: You will be walking around whether you have a C-Section or vaginal birth the nurses will get you walking. You can rock their socks or bring some slippers of your own.
  • Phone Charger: I recommend you bring maybe 2 chargers, one for you one for dad
  • Make Up: A little blush can go a long way
  • Dry shampoo: depending on whether you have a C-Section or a vaginal birth you might be up for a full shower or you might want to wash your body and put that dry shampoo to use
  • Hair Brush: Your hospital might have a comb but to me there is nothing like my own hairbrush.
  • Hair ties: Not all mammas feel the glam after like you see on social media. No better time for a mom bun if you ask me.
  • Chapstick: your lips will get so chapped during labor and after- this is a must
  • Deodorant: Although your hospital might provide it I want to pack my own since I am quite particular about what I use
  • Shower Shoes: This is 100% your choice, but I do prefer to have some cheap $1 flip flops to toss on before hopping in the shower at certain public places.
  • Nursing pillow: It is not a must and you can do with all of the hospital pillows, but might as well get used to your own.
  • Socks: Again, the hospital has some but you might want to bring your own if you’re like me
  • Depends: This is your choice. I have no issue with the hospital mesh panties provided. However, if you feel more comfortable with depends make sure to pack some
  • Camera & charger: My camera bag will be next to my hospital bag. There are tons of shots I want to make sure I capture postpartum. Any other time my cellphone will work just fine
  • Post surgical shapewear: in the Mexican culture walking out with your shapewear is totally normal. For me, since I am having a C-Section, it is a total must. I too plan to leave the hospital with mine on because of the comfort it provides by holding my incision tightly in place. It makes moving much easier.

All other items such as; pads, Dermoplast, tucks pads, nipple cream, toiletries, pillows/blankets for mom are the basics a hospital will provide you with. I am not packing any of those small toiletries because I know they will be given to me by the hospital and why pack more stuff. Now let’s talk about my husband…

For Dad

  • Pajamas: Something for him to sleep in. If he is a in my boxers sleeper remind him nurses come in at all hours of the night lol!
  • Extra outfits: In case of a C-Section the average stay is 2-3 nights, so make sure to pack enough clothes for him to last that long.
  • Toiletries: Although the hospitals take care of mamas, dads do need to bring their own toiletries; deodorant, toothbrush, travel shampoo & conditioner, shaving necessities, etc.
  • Shower shoes: this of course depends on him
  • Snacks: The delivery process can take such a long time you need to make sure dad has something to snack on as well. Remember the hospital feeds you not dad-make sure you can have someone bring him food or to switch spots with him to run out.
  • Cellphone charger: one for you one for him
  • Blanket/Pillow: I recommend calling the hospital and finding out if these are provided for him or if you should bring your own. Our last hospital did not provide them but our new one does.

This list seems much longer but it really is not. A lot of little things are being left out because the hospital provides them. Another thing we are making sure to pack with us are the two Big Sister bags we are preparing as gifts from our babies to their older sisters. You can check out the printable list

Don’t want to forget anything- get your FREE Hospital Bag Printable.


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