9 potty training tips from a mom of 4

Potty training can seem like a difficult challenge. I gathered 9 of my top tips to share with you and help you with your potty training journey. #pottytraining #potty #toddler #pottytrainingtips #tips #parenting #parentingtips #toddlermom #toddlerparents #toddlers #toilettraining #diapers

Hi Friends,

Do you remember back in January we crash & burned when trying to potty train Lia? It was a disaster! She screamed and cried every time we took her near the potty and absolutely refused to go. It was like some exorcism movements from her every time we sat her on it. We felt like we tried it all; prizes, charts, placing potty in living room, naked method, etc. After 4 days I made the decision to be done with it and wait until she was a bit older-I broke the biggest rule in the potty training books my husband and I had read, but honestly I did not care. My child, my choice! And mamas-it should be your choice to make too! 

We went back to diapers and waited out a bit until one day I just decided that the next week we would start. I especially wanted to take advantage of the extra support at her school before classes ended. Guys-waiting was the best decision ever! This time around potty training was what I imagined it should be, you know not crazy battle with my kid! After the first day we had no accidents and we went from pull ups to underwear in  3 days. After sharing that on Instagram I was asked to do a blog post sharing how I did it so here I go!

1.Choose when you want to start

This is big for us as parents. You need to be ready to make that commitment because consistency is key here and you need to be able to focus just about 95% of your attention to potty training, at least for a few days. 

2.Potty conditioning

Conditioning is just about as important as what happens after you begin potty training. Take your child to pick a potty and start talking to them about it early on. Bring them in when you use the restroom and let them become familiar with their potty. Basically the point is to frontload them with information so they don’t feel blindsided once the actual training begins.

3.Figure Out Reward System

Maybe you want a reward chart? Maybe you want to pick up some dollar items? We made a trip to Target and stocked up on cheap toys and books only to realize 1 fruit snack gummy was enough of a reward for Lia. “Small surprise” is what she calls it. After we tackled pee the small surprises became for poop in the toilet only.

4.Decide your approach

There seems to be a ton of ways to potty train, and to me not one is better than the other. There are just some that work better for some people than others, find what works for you. For us despite being advised against Pull Ups-we used them and they worked great for her. Specially in car rides. We called them underwear from day one and she was okay with it. Even though they provided that protection needed for the first few days, we still had no accidents. Again-choose what works for YOU, maybe it’s Pull Ups, maybe it’s underwear, maybe it’s the naked method!

5.Prepare an On The Go Potty Kit

I made sure to pack a few outfits and plenty of spare underwear in case of accidents. Although we don’t need a diaper bag for her anymore-an extra change or two is ALWAYS a must! Along with extra clothes I purchased a foldable and portable small potty ring perfect for our days on the go. And don’t forget your rewards!

6.START potty training!

I know it can seem scary but just do it! We made sure to remind her the night before and morning of that diapers were gone! It all started with taking her first thing in the morning and then observing.

7.Be Consistent

In the beginning I would take her every 30 minutes. Mid you I said take her-not ask her. I never asked, because let’s face it she would probably say she didn’t have to go! Even if she did not go I would still make sure to praise her for her attempt and would still go through the motions of hand washing, etc. If we gave her fluids within 20 minutes we would take her until she got the hang of what it felt like. Little by little we went longer in between. 

Potty training can seem like a difficult challenge. I gathered 9 of my top tips to share with you and help you with your potty training journey. #pottytraining #potty #toddler #pottytrainingtips #tips #parenting #parentingtips #toddlermom #toddlerparents #toddlers #toilettraining #diapers

8.Be Patient

Be patient with it all. They might not pick it up right away but if you remain positive and excited for them with every time they go they will become excited as well. Peeing is one thing and pooping is it’s own battle. In the beginning Lia would hold her poop for 2-3 days and just refused to go. We gave her fiber gummies to help her have to go and just remained persistent. With some persistence now we have a pro!

9.Celebrate potty time!

Peeing and pooping in the toilet in our house deserves a mini party! We scream with joy and dance around and make sure she knows what she is doing deserves to be celebrated! She feels proud for being able to use the potty and we want to keep encouraging that feeling!


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