Postpartum Recovery Must Haves

This post is sponsored by Frida Mom. However, all opinions as always are 100% mine! Hi Mamas, Let’s talk post delivery must haves. We spend…


This post is sponsored by Frida Mom. However, all opinions as always are 100% mine!

Preparing for labor and postpartum can be stressful. These must haves will get you through the recovery process and bring you comfort!  #postpartum #fridamom #laboranddelivery #landd #delivery #labor #babies #baby #pregnancy #doula #midwife #hospitalbag #postpartumrecovery

Hi Mamas,

Let’s talk post delivery must haves. We spend every moment since find out we are expecting imagining what our baby’s face will look like and getting together everything we possibly can from this extensive to do list . One area at the top of that to do list is getting our hospital bags ready! This last pregnancy I got my hospital bag ready around 24 weeks because of the whole twins are born early almost always. I made a list and made endless runs, but that does not have to be you! Behold the new Frida Mom Labor and Delivery + Postpartum Recovery Kit ! Literally all you could need for your labor, delivery and postpartum recovery in one spot and easy to grab and toss in your hospital bag. These are all must have items for relief during and after labor. So what are these must haves?

1.Labor and Delivery Socks

These are such a must have no matter what kind of birth you have. The socks have grip at the bottom to help give you grip, specially when you walk around your hospital and hospital room. You will be in no mood to grab shoes and these will be your safest option for moving around with ease.

2.Delivery and Nursing Gown

Yes your hospital will have gowns, but trust me having this soft and beautiful one will make a difference in your mood. The pocketed gown has snaps up top for easy nursing as well as on the back for quick and easy opening and closing. Not to mention it is incredibly soft. You will feel less ummm “postpartum” with this beautiful gown. Not many people know this, but you can actually wear your own gowns in hospitals unless you are going in for surgery. Trust me, having this soft and beautiful Frida Mom gown will make a difference in your mood, and be WAY more comfortable!

3.A Peri Bottle

COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT A PERI BOTTLE! The Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle has an angle spout perfect for you to just point and squeeze. Many times the awful hospital ketchup-style peri bottles they give you become difficult to aim at the right spot and you end up with your hand in the toilet! Believe me, these Frida Mom peri bottles for restroom peri baths are LIFE.

4.Disposable Underwear

Chonies you can toss are perfect. There is so much going on down that you do not want to slip into your favorite pair of underwear. You want some comfortable and disposable. The Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear are stretchy, high-waisted, and boyshort fit for ultimate comfort! I could probably live in these because of how comfortable they are.

5.Perineal Healing Supplies

Frida Mom makes this Perineal Healing Foam made to reduce pain and swelling postpartum. When I delivered Lia I remember the discomfort. It hurt all the time, sitting hurt, standing up hurt, and even walking around was uncomfortable at times too.

6.Witch Hazel Pads

For my mamas delivering vaginally these are must! The Perineal Medicated Witch Hazel Full-Length Cooling Pad Liners by Frida Mom are the length of a pad giving you comfort throughout it ALL! No more needing to grab 3-4 and line them up!

7.Ice Maxi Pads

We all have seen the DIY instructions for what is commonly known as a “padsicle” You know where you freeze pads to use postpartum. As a mom of 4, I hardly have time to eat lunch let alone have any DIY time. I was so excited to see that Frida Mom had once again made life easier for us with their Instant Ice Maxi Pads. They are just that- instantly ice! They are both absorbent and therapeutic giving you 30 mins of ice cold relief.

I hope all my expecting mamas a breezy recovery with the help of Frida Mom!

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