10 Reasons YOU NEED a mamaRoo Swing

This post is sponsored by 4moms. However, all opinions and reviews are 100% my own! Hello Mamas! The boys will be 8 weeks this week…where…


This post is sponsored by 4moms. However, all opinions and reviews are 100% my own!

mamaroo swings

Hello Mamas!

The boys will be 8 weeks this week…where are my tissues? 8 weeks of loving on them, 8 weeks of sleepless nights, 8 weeks of learning this new normal for us and we could not have done it without our baby gear! I have always loved baby gear, but with twins it is not even about loving it- it is about needing it to get through the day! One item I use every day to help me get through is our Mamaroo4 Cool Mesh by 4moms! It is like the unicorn of infant seats and a total must for babies! If you are sitting there wondering whether you need one in your life or not…this one is for you! Grab a snack and read along! These are the reasons a Mamaroo Swing 4 should be on everyone’s baby gear list!

mom with babies in mamaroo

1.The Mamaroo Swing Moves like YOU

I found my girls were not fans of traditional swings, you know the kind that rocks back and forth or side to side. They would not tolerate it for more than 15 minutes, and why should they- the movement is not natural. The Mamaroo4 moves the way YOU move. You have 5 different movement settings to choose from, from; car ride, kangaroo, rock-a-bye, swing, and Lincoln & Lucas’ favorite- the tree swing!

2.Control Speed

The Mamaroo4 has 5 different speeds you can set your seat too giving you the option to truly tailor to not just your type of movement but your speed as well.

3.Sounds & MP3 Plug-In

Not only do you have 4 built-in sounds to choose from, you also have the ability to connect your devices via an MP3 plug-in !

Mamaroo swing app

4.Bluetooth Enabled

You can control it from your phone!!! I LOVE this aspect of the Mamaroo4. Whether it means changing the movement, speed, sound, or turning it on or off you can control it via your bluetooth device. Being a mom of twins I was also very excited to know that I could also pair up multiple devices to my phone and easily switch between the two Mamaroos !

5.Reclining Seat

The seat can adjust to whatever incline your baby likes. From a sitting position to a full incline you can decide what your baby needs and give them optimal comfort. Some days the boys like to be sitting and others they want to nap comfortably at a full incline.

6.Cool Fabric

My husband is the most warm-bodied human I know! I mean the guy gets hot super easily and the boys…well they took after daddy! I was so excited to see the new Mamaroo4 Cool Mesh is made with cool breathable mesh fabric to keep your baby cool and comfortable. With this California 100 degree weather it is a total must!

7.Easy to Clean

This is a total mom-win! A product that provides ease when cleaning makes my life so easy. All you do is unzip and toss in the washer for cleaning! Another neat part is the ability to purchase extra seat fabrics so you don’t need to worry about washing them right away. You can simply swap our for a clean one and wait until you need to do laundry to wash!

Mamaroo swings and babies
Babies in Mamaroo Swing

8.Interactive toys

I love the Mamaroo4 reversible toy balls. They are bright colored, full of patters, and even have a mirror and crinkle ball as well.

9.AC Adapter

NO BATTERIES NEEDED!!! HUGE plus for me considering I have 2 babies to have to provide batteries for. Let’s face it nothing is worst than being able to calm your baby and then their seat shutting off! All you do is plug it in and boom done!


I think this reason is the best one! The boys both love their Mamaroo! Some days they are on the same settings and others they are not but you have a total of about 25 combinations of movement, speed, and sounds you can try until you find one that works. With two babies, a toddler, and a 4th grader we really do rely on the help of our Mamaroo Swing to keep the babies happy while we tend to our other kids.

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