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A photo gallery is a way to tell your story. With these 7 easy steps I was able to create a beautiful gallery of our own and you can too #photowall #photogallery #photgraphy #photos #familyphotos #newbornphotos #homedecor #homedecorations #modernfarmhouse #farmhousedecor #farm #pictureframes

Hello Friends,

I am so happy to say we are gaining a bit of “normal” back in our lives since the birth of the boys. When we became pregnant we turned our focus into home projects that HAD TO BE done before their arrival and put decorations on the back burner. Since their birth I had been getting an itch to get back to decorating our home and bringing some of my visions to life. When we first bought our home I got the idea to create a 3×3 collage wall in our dining room full of our family photos. Finally, after a year of living there that vision came to life and I can’t wait to share it with you!

With the help of my friends at Art to Frames I was able to easily create this beautiful wall! Art to Frames is an online frame store You can find a HUGE and I mean HUGE selection of frames, mats, and custom items for your home. It was such an easy project to complete because of how easy it was to order the frames I needed.

1.Measure your wall

Make sure you measure your wall space before you choose your frames so you can choose the size and quantity that fits in your space. I picked a big empty wall in our dining room which gave me the ability to choose large frames which was exactly what I wanted!

2.Pick your frames

I wanted a frame with a mat and to place 8×10 pictures on the inside. I felt the white mat border would really make our images pop! I went with the Distressed White on Barnwood Style to keep with our modern farmhouse theme throughout our home. The white frame on our light grey wall really draws attention to our collage! They arrived right on time and packaged so nicely. I have never seen any products packaged as well and safely as my frames.

3.Pick your photos

For our photos I went with images from our maternity session and our in-home newborn session as well. I love both collections of photos and really wanted to make sure there were pictures of all 6 of us! This wall is meant to be a wall about US, our family of 6 at the center of our home! Choosing 9 was difficult because I have about 150 to choose from, but I made it happen!

4.Setup your frames

The frames were delivered without the sawtooth hangers installed to give you flexibility as to where and how you want your phots displayed. My husband made some small measurements on each frame and easily lightly hammered the hangers into the back of the frames.

5.Make measurements on wall

I am married to an engineer so you bet there were tons of measurements and remeasuring taking place. We wanted to leave the spacing even and make everything very symmetrical. Once I explained to him what I wanted I let him get to work. We left a 2 inch gap between each frame and made sure to center it to the position of our table.

6.Add photos & hang

If you know me you know each picture frame and photo was placed with purpose. We ended up with 3 rows of 3. In the center of our collage I placed a photo of the 6 of us to signify how we are the center and heart of our home. Above the photo of 6 I added a photo of my husband with the twins and below it a photo of me and the twins, this represents us as the pillars to our home, the sandwich bread keeping everything together if you will. To the sides we included additional newborn session photos and on the outer corners we included photos of our maternity session to show the way life was before our twins, a little glimpse of how we came to be who we are now.

This project means so much to me and I am so thankful for the opportunity to make it happen! It is now a topic of conversation for anyone who visits our home and a way for us to tell a bit of our story!


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