Disneyland MUST Haves for Toddlers

Hello Friends, As you guys know, we LOVE Disneyland. As a matter of fact we were Passholders up until last April and are about to…


Hello Friends,

As you guys know, we LOVE Disneyland. As a matter of fact we were Passholders up until last April and are about to renew our passes in a few weeks. Thankfully the heat should be coming to an end and with the boys being a bit older Disneyland trips are feasible once again! As a matter of fact we will be spending Lia’s birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth and you bet I am already preparing my list of must haves for both Lia’s and the twins’ bags! This week I will share what you must pack for your toddler and next I will dive into the twins’ bag!

I like to keep Lia’s bag as minimalist as possible. Thankfully now that she is potty trained it really cuts what we need to have for her by a lot and we can carry just a small backpack with all her things!

A Backpack

With such a small amount of items needed plus you know the fact that we already carry one diaper bag, I like to pack a small backpack for her. I use her Tula backpack, it has the perfect amount of space and it is always a bonus when she wants to carry it herself. BUT you can use any size backpack, I just REALLY recommend a backpack of sorts to keep your hands free!

A Change of Clothes

I make sure to carry a change of clothes for Lia including underwear and sock. In warm weather I carry an extra T-Shirt (a Disney one of course), some shorts, underwear, socks, and an extra pair of leggings and a light sweater in case it cools down.

A portable potty seat

We travel with Lia’s Minnie Mouse folding/travel potty everywhere we go! This seat has a silicone bottom to avoid slipping and all you do is unfold it and place over a large toilet.

Baby wipes

I think I use baby wipes to clean just about all messes! From dirty hands to dirty butts, baby wipes are here to save the day!


We do love to enjoy some of our favorite snacks at the parks, like churros and Dole whip. However, kids want to eat all the time so I pack a few of her favorite snacks to have on hand. I also make sure these snacks are easy for her to eat while walking around, things such as goldfish crackers and fruit leathers are a favorite. To help us with her not finishing her snacks or finding a trash can we use Bumkins reusable bags to carry her snacks!


We carry a water bottle for each of us! Lia has her own little bottle we fill up and it gives us access to water at all times no matter where we are in the parks.


No matter how warm or cold it is we make sure to pack some sunscreen to apply to everyone’s faces to protect us from the sun!

Ears, Hat, Glasses

No Disney trip is complete without a set of fashionable ears, or hat, or glasses! We must own at least 6 pairs of ears and hats! Our favorite glasses are Sunstaches and with our collection we pick a different set each trip! She loves getting compliments and having Disney gear helps us keep ourselves in budget on our trips!

I would love to know any other must haves on your list!

As Disneyland Annual Passholders we have mastered what we need and do not need on our trips to the parks. Check out our must haves! #disneyland #disney #disneyparks #disneyparksblog #disneypass #annualpassholders #toddlers #disneyfamily #disneylove #disneydays #disneytips #ilovedisney #disneysmc

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