Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

This post is sponsored by Medieval Times. However, are opinions are 100% my own.

I remember being 9 years old the first time I set foot in the Medieval Times castle. My childhood best friend was turning 9 and we were celebrating with dinner and a show. It was pure magic and deliciousness, and every time I have been after that has been the same. We took some time away from the busy holiday to-do lists and took our girls to enjoy the same magical dinner and a show that I enjoyed as a child. Let me add-this was Lia’s first time and she is a fan of all things horse!


I love to arrive early to the show. This is the time to take photos, shop around, check out the horses, and get your crowns for your designated knight. Lia was so excited to see all the horses and of course do some shopping in the gift shop area. My husband loved looking at the swords and shields. My favorite part of the pre-show was looking for our family crest. It is so interesting to see how far back a family name can stem. We grabbed some drinks during this time and waited for our seating time to be announced.

The Show

Boy did my girls cheer their knight on! Everything they did was “so cool huh?” in the words of Lia. From the joust fights to the sword fights we were captivated the whole time. Plus- the horses. It is always about the horses with my kids. It is such an engaging and entertaining show that it feels like time just zooms on by. We love how the show tries to really bring you back to the medieval era. It was the perfect break we needed from all the gift wrapping and holiday buzz around us.


Ever eat entirely with your hands? It is probably my favorite part of it all lol! To start off the food is delicious! The soup is served to you in a bowl with a handle to stay true to the medieval era. We all got to enjoy a delicious meal, get messy with our hands all while yelling “Go yellow knight!”. The meal consists of an appetizer, soup, chicken, and a delicious dessert. Not to mention our knight threw a flower to each of the girls and they were just over the moon.

Final Thoughts

I asked the girls what they thought of the show and their faces said it all. It’s been a few days since we attended and Lia loves to bring us back to “remember when the knights were fighting on the horses. remember?” Taking these family breaks is always much needed and not done as often as they should be done. Thank you Medieval Times for these beautiful memories!


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