3 Ways to Increase your Child’s Math Skills

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Want to know the ways you can help increase your child's math skills from home? I put together these 3 simple ways and how we use Elephant Learning! #Sponsored #learning #math #mathskills #learningmath #learn #mathtime #mathematics #kidsmath #counting #adding #subtraction #addition
Want to know the ways you can help increase your child's math skills from home? I put together these 3 simple ways and how we use Elephant Learning! #Sponsored #learning #math #mathskills #learningmath #learn #mathtime #mathematics #kidsmath #counting #adding #subtraction #addition

Math…oh math! Maybe you love it or maybe you hate it. But either way- it isn’t going anywhere and working on math skills can be extremely beneficial for our kids. With these 3 ways you can help support their learning and increase their math skills!


Find books for your child that incorporates math OR be the one to incorporate it. Ex: counting objects on the pages. We like to break down the illustrations and find a way to add vocabulary and math to the mix during reading time.

2.Learning Elephant

Elephant Learning is an online Math Academy that is super child and parent friendly. Both of my girls have been using it and love it! I am able to sit down with Lia and help her go through some of the lessons or set it up for Zoey to do on her own. I love the age range they have (2-16yrs old) because it means you can start teaching math concepts at a young age. Elephant Learning covers anywhere from counting to algebra meeting the needs of both my kids!

I grew up loving math as did my husband. He went on to pursue a career in engineering while I took a path with “less math”. Did you know that 69% of STEM majors will switch over to a major with less math too? By encouraging their love for math and providing them with the tools they need to gain a better understanding we hope them to be part of that 21% that sticks to it-if STEM is their chosen path.

So how does it work? Well for $35/a month you have a virtual math tutor for your child. You setup an Elephant Learning profile for each of your kids, depending on their age they will have a sort of placement exam so that the curriculum given to them is appropriate. I really enjoyed being able to see the difference in the activities given to my 3 year old vs those given to my 9 year old. Not only does Elephant Learning provide a baseline for them, you are also able to track their progress. As they master concepts their levels change. This to me is HUGE. I love being able to track their progress and see where they are struggling and their level of improvement, not to mention it is a great motivator for them to know their work is paying off.

Elephant Learning for 30 mins per week is proven to teach children one year of math in three months. And you can give it a try too!

3.Make it a part of your every day

One of the most important things we can do is make math a part of our everyday. I like to reinforce the skills they learn on Learning Elephant by incorporating them into our daily lives. We count all day and let them do things like bake and help with cooking to put those math skills to use. Your brain is a muscle- the more you use it the “stronger” it will be!

I would love to know what other ways you help support your child’s math skills.


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