5 Car Safety Tips for Parents

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SOLOLifeSensor #CollectiveBias Hi Friends, You guys know my…


 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SOLOLifeSensor #CollectiveBias

Hi Friends,

You guys know my kids are my life. There is nothing in this world I would not do to keep them safe and protect them. Like many of you I am constantly on the road with my kids which is why I am sharing some car safety tips with all of you. BUT FIRST-let me tell you about the new SOLO Life Sensory Technology!

Life Sensory Technology

Year after year we hear the tragic stories of children being left in hot cars and dying. 54% of those deaths are of children that were forgotten by parents. My heart breaks every. Single. Time. Which is why I jumped at the opportunity to share with you all about the SOLO “Save Our Loved Ones” Life Sensor Technology and the Hot Car Act.

Voxx Automotive and SOLO partnered up to bring us the new Life Sensory Technology (not yet available for purchase). This new technology is designed to detect the presence of life in harsh conditions. It will detect small breathing movements through clothes. This sensory would be seamlessly integrated into the car without any invasion to day to day life. It has the possibility of being placed in any of the following areas; headliner, head rests, baby camera, dome light, media player, etc.

So how would it notify you if presence of life was detected in your car? If the presence of life is detected the horn and lights will send an SOS and the windows will roll down. It can also send text messages.

*** Just fill-in your information & click the “Copy” button. Then you will be directed to copy the letter to your computer/phone/tablet clipboard, & link out to the “Find your Representative” website***

SOLO and Voxx are not stopping at simply creating this device. I am joining them in requesting my local representatives vote for the passing of the Hot Car Act, which would require all automobiles built to include the Life Sensory Technology. They have made it incredibly easy to join them in this request by simply inputting your information and guiding you with how to send the letter to your local reps. Join me- let’s save our loved ones.

Car Safety

1.Child Lock

I always have the child locks set in the rear doors of our cars. It is an easy swipe over of a pin and boom my kids can no longer open the door from the inside. I have a very active and spirited three year old whom I never know might try to “see what happens” and pull on the door while we are driving or want just open it just because well she’s three.

2.Rear Face

From the time I had my oldest daughter to now the laws in my state have changed. When I first became a mother rear facing was only required until the age of one. A few years later when I gave birth to my now 3 year old California had changed the law to require children to be rear facing until the age of 2. Now although the minimum age is 2, it is recommended to keep them rear facing as long as possible to reduce head and spine injury in case of an accident.

3.Seatbelts ALWAYS

It seems like a no brainer, but I still need to say it- ALWAYS WEAR A SEATBELT. Make sure your kids are wearing seatbelts if they are out of car seats. For those little ones in car seats make sure you are strapping them in safely.

4.Use the correct car seat

It is so important to read the recommended age, height, and weight for each different type car seat. Having your child in the appropriate car seats is crucial to their protection.

5.Rear Mirrors

As long as your kids are rear facing- keep mirrors at all times. It is a great way to look back and check on them making sure everything is okay. It is also a great habit to build to always make sure you are not leaving them in the car.


  1. I am a grandma and whenever I have my grandson in my car I put my purse on the floor in front of his (rear facing) car seat. He can’t reach it-Grammies purse is not a toy-but I know I can’t forget him.

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