Easy Aladdin DIY No Sew Costume

Disney Aladdin DIY Costume

Aladdin DIY No-Sew Costume? Can it get any better than that?

Remember forever ago when I said I was going to start a Disney Duos series? Yes? No? I don’t remember either but I sure know that I did think about telling you guys about it haha! So here is the second ever #DisneyDuos DIY Costume set: Aladdin & Abu!

You can catch my first round ; Flounder and Sebastian ! I do have a separate tutorial for each of the costumes, and will be publishing Abu’s costume shortly so bear with me!

You guys know by now we are a Disney family at heart. Everything about the parks, the network, the company as a whole makes my heart smile so so much. Sharing that love for Disney with my kids is pretty much at the center of a lot of what my husband and I do…which brings in these DIY Disney costumes I am going to be sharing with you! I am hoping to create a new pair each month…plus let’s be honest they look adorable in them lol!

Aladdin and Abu DIY Disney Costume

Aladdin Costume Supplies:

  • White baby pants
  • Purple T-Shirt (long-sleeve, short sleeve, or sleeveless)
  • Reddish pink felt
  • Tan Felt
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Bobby Pin

For the white pants and the purple shirt I was able to find some on sale from Primary some time around the holidays. You can pretty much use anything you already own or can easily buy anywhere else. You do not need a lot of felt of either color. However, I did get a large enough piece for Aladdin’s and Abu’s fezzes (proper name of their hats) .

Aladdin and Abu DIY Disney Costume
Aladdin and Abu DIY Disney Costume
Aladdin and Abu DIY Disney Costume


Aladdin’s Vest

  1. The first thing I did was cut off the sleeves of the purple long sleeve. I cut directly on the stitching of the sleeves.
  2. Cut the shirt length to your desired length.

Aladdin’s Pants

  1. Cut a mismatched square from the tan felt to add as the patch to the white pants
  2. Glue or sew on the “patch”
  3. You can make the sash if you would like from some brown fabric. Because they are so small they would not let me keep that on so I opted not to have it.

Aladdin’s Fez

I got really creative with this part and did not follow any patterns. I literally looked at it and just started cutting. The second one I made was easier and I followed the steps below:

  1. Cut two circles out of the pink/red felt for the top and bottom
  2. Cut a long strip and measure against the circle circumference. When you glue the two ends they should fit into the circles. This might take some extra cutting to get it to measure correctly.
  3. Once I had formed the fez I then cut a small slip at the bottom to slide the bobby pin
  4. I added the bobby pin to be able to simply pin it into my son’s hair. You can make a small strap to fit around their heads like a party hat as well
Aladdin and Abu DIY Disney Costume

The Finished Product

Seeing Lincoln dressed up was so cute. Originally I was going to dress him up as Abu, until I realized that his hair just fit Aladdin more. I cannot get over this picture and how much fun we had! I cannot wait for next month! Comment on my Instagram photo with what Disney Duo I should work on next?

Disney Aladdin DIY Costume

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