To the parent that has lost a child

It seems like the past few months I have seen too many mamas lose their babies. Even one would be too many. Every time I see another mama/dad open her heart & post the unimaginable my heart breaks. I never thought I would be here writing this but there is so much I want these mamas to know. It is a pain I cannot imagine, and a pain I wish to never know…but I AM HERE WITH YOU.

To the parent that has lost a child- YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I will be here praying for you, thinking of you, sending you love. I am here to talk, to share your story so others can pray for you too.

To the parent that has lost a child- GRIEVE YOUR OWN WAY. I will not judge you, nor should others. You are free to and have every right to grieve as openly or privately as you want. You are free to scream to cry to break things. You are free to sit in silence to want to be alone.

To the parent that has lost a child- MY HEART IS WITH YOU. Although I do not share anywhere near the amount of grief you feel, know that I am carrying some of that with you. I will lessen the load & hold my hand to you to hold to.

To the parent that has lost a child- I PROMISE TO LOVE MINE HARDER. I once read a grieving mother telling another mother the best way to honor and help her grief was to go home and love your own children-never taking for granted that we have them earth-side. I promise I will try my best to be present, to love the, to hold them, to kiss them. I promise not to take them for granted. I promise not to loose sight of that.

To the parent that has lost a child- I WILL SAY THEIR NAMES. I will remember them. They are not forgotten. You are not forgotten as their mother. They will forever be your babies.

To the parent that has lost a child- WE WILL NOT FORGET. Even when the calm begins to settle I will pray for all the babies lost. I will pray for all the mamas grieving. I will not forget.

To the parent that has lost a child- YOU HAVE MY LOVE

Tips to help a grieving parent

*I want to give a huge thanks to my friend Dorie from The Baby Bird Boutique for sharing these resources and tips. As a parent who has lost a child, she shared with me some links to some books and a few small shops that she clings to in times like these*

TIPS: Don’t ask, just do! Turn a “What Can I DO for you?” Into a “Hey, I am on my way to do your laundry/with dinner/To pick up your house a bit/to mow the lawn/bring food.

-Bring food that can be out on a counter and warmed up for a day or two: Muffins, granola bars, casseroles. Comfort food that they can unknowingly snack on and keep up their strength

Grieving Dads To the Brink and Back

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  1. Nika
    June 28, 2020 / 8:21 pm

    Thank you for this post and prayers. We grieve everyday. XO!

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