5 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

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If you are here it’s because you too are wondering when you will get a good night of sleep. If there is one thing I can say for certain I never thought I would see the day. The first 6 months since the boys were born I was running on fumes. The lack of sleep was really showing in all areas of my life, I was extremely tired and moody. Far beyond anything I have ever felt. My husband and I were reaching a point where we were asking each other “WHY ARE THEY SUCH BAD SLEEPERS?”. We partnered up with Little Ones Sleep Program and it was as if a huge lightbulb just went off!

The program is SO informative. Not to mention their methods are holistic and gentle, not your typical just plain “cry it out” method. Which aside from being heart wrenching is a nearly impossible method with twins. One baby cries and wakes up the sleeping one eventually. Our approach had to be completely different. You basically have an app with the most comprehensive sleep program out there. Something we desperately needed. So how did Little Ones Sleep Program help?

1.Inform yourselves

You basically have the knowledge from experts from around the world at your fingertips with the Little Ones Sleep Program. You have the ability to choose the method works for your family and schedules that fit YOUR life. Now you guys know with working from home my schedule can be pretty flexible. But even I needed consistency in order to get work done.


If there is one thing that I can totally say is routine is so important. The Type A personality in me smiles so much at routine. My kids love it and it helps keep us all on the right track.

3.Nap Schedules

It was so important to learn the way a baby’s naps progress as they get older. Their whole day shifts as they become more interested in the world and active. But did you know that making sure your baby gets good naps is a main factor in their ability to sleep well overnight? Neither did I.


As your little one gets older and starts solids it is so important to make sure they eat enough during the day to help prevent them from being hungry at night. The Little Ones Sleep Program touches on the way their meals should be by their age and when you can expect to cut out night time feedings. With the boys having 2-3 meals per day and making sure they are full we have seen such a huge change in their sleep!


I know that at times we might want to just throw in the towel and say never mind let’s just rock them to bed forever. We quickly learned the more consistent we were the easier they were to adjust to their new schedules

The Little Ones Sleep Program has information from newborns to even your toddlers sleep. As a mom of four this information is so appreciated! Really takes the guess work out of it and helps so much to have guidelines to follow as well as videos to guide your use of the program and app!


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