Anxiety during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Hi Friends, I first of all want to say that I hope you are all healthy and well. The world is going through a scary…


Hi Friends,

I first of all want to say that I hope you are all healthy and well. The world is going through a scary time. There is so much uncertainty as to how our planet is going to be able to handle the Coronavirus Pandemic and the changes in our lives.

Life as we know it has been completely changed. Both Lia’s and Zoeys’ schools closed, my husband is working from home indefinitely, and we made the decision to limit our interaction with family to video chats. It is tough. All of it. Not knowing what impact this will have on our lives can be frightening. As someone with anxiety I find myself needing to calm myself down and navigate through this new temporary lifestyle. If you, like me, has some extra anxiety building up these things might help.

exercise reduces anxiety
music to reduce anxiety


It is no secret that exercise releases hormones that make us feel good. My husband and I have been back to our workout routine for a few months now and I can honestly say since then I have felt less anxious. During this pandemic and quarantine time I feel myself start to build anxiety the days we don’t exercise. So even if it is something small- I need to do SOME sort of physical activity.


I have my go to playlist on Spotify- Good Vibes. It is my go to to get my mood switched. I turn up the music and get a little dance party going with my kids. And even if I don’t dance having it in the background while I cook or clean or play with the kids can change my mood.


Meditation was something I had to learn to do. Learning to let thoughts enter my brain and push them away is not easy for someone who wants to control it all and is always worrying about the future. I have used apps or even YouTube videos to help.

journaling reduces anxiety
family walks reduce anxiety


I start my day off with a 5 min prayer and writing down 10 things I am grateful for. They can be things that already happened or my way of manifesting for the day what I hope to get out of it.

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5.Going on walks

I have never seen so many people taking walks on my block. There are days we put the boys in the stroller and the girls bring out their bikes or just walk alongside of us. This helps get us out of the house, enjoying fresh air, and just simply getting our body moving.

gardening to reduce anxiety


I read once that having our hands in the soil reducing stress. So why not walk outside, pull some weeds, plant some flowers, or just sit around and enjoy nature?


This is one of my all time favorite ways to decompress. I have a list of crafts to get to, most of which are created with my Cricut Explore Air 2. Some times I create paper crafts, some times I make shirts, and other days I just design it all. But there is something about making something with my own two hands that brings me such pride and joy. Surely a way to reduce my anxiety and have fun.


Throw on some music and get to dancing. Lia loves playing “Freeze Dance” like they do in her dance class so we choose a song and dance around freezing whenever the music stops. The smiles, the laughs, and just feeling the music helps shift my mind elsewhere.

As someone with anxiety I find myself needing to calm myself down and navigate through this world health crisis the Coronavirus has brought on the world #anxiety #depression #mentalhealth #coronavirus #covid19 #pandemic #health #coping #howto


Curling up with a good book was what I spent most of my childhood years doing. I loved being transported into a faraway land or learning something new. That has yet to change, so with all this time- why not make the best of it.

10.Video Chats

I miss our friends and family so much, I know we all do. For now these video chats are as close as it is safe to get so we make the most of it. Every day we talk to someone. Every day we let people know we are thinking of them.

This too shall pass.

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