Social Distancing – 5 Ways to Entertain your Kids

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. All opinions are 100% mine. Social distancing in full effect over here! How…


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. All opinions are 100% mine.

mom with double stroller
Social distancing in full effect over here! How is everyone doing? With 4 kids and both my husband and I working from home we have been learning to adjust to a new “normal”. We have taken the recommendations to socially distance very serious and want to do our part to help. Now with that being said- we need to keep our kids entertained and getting some fresh air. Although our Disney trips and visiting family is put on hold we have found new ways to keep our kids busy all while not disrupting our social distancing. Hope these can help!

1.Taking walks

We have always loved going out for strolls. The girls love being outside and enjoying a change of scenery and the boys can spend what seems like hours watching the leaves of the trees move. A few months ago we added the UPPAbaby G-LINK 2 to our family and it has made prepping for walks so easy and fast. You guys know we love our UPPAbaby strollers! The G-LINK 2 has us “on the road” in minutes and the boys are enjoying being next to each other.
babies in double stroller social distancing walks
babies in double stroller
The G-LINK 2 lives right next to our front door because it folds up and opens up so easily and with one hand! And trust me-with all these kids, we need all the hands free we can get. HaHa! I open it up with one hand and place one baby in his seat and buckle him in with this super easy to adjust 5 point harness. I definitely recommend your babies have good head control before introducing them to this stroller, the G-LINK 2 is suitable starting at 3 months old. Once one baby is in the next brother is up! In seconds both babies are sitting nicely and buckled in. My husband and I have a cupholder each and place our water bottles on their to make sure to keep hydrated, because staying healthy is another way we keep our bodies healthy. The spacious baskets under each of the seats is perfect to pack a light blanket or our sweaters in case it gets cold out. Our walks are usually right around our neighborhood for maybe 30mins per day. It is just the fresh air we need during a time like this.
social distancing with babies
stroller basket
double stroller

2.Time in the Yard

Now for the big kids this means a lot of running around. This can also be a perfect time to play with chalk or kick a ball around. For the babies, this is an alternate place to stroll around. Some times we even “play tag” and “chase” the girls with them in their stroller lol. They love it and really feel like they are coming after them. If the sun gets too bright we just extend their canopy and give them plenty of shade, which is UPF 50+ !
twin babies in stroller

3.Arts & Crafts

Every. Single. Day- we craft. Some days it’s as simple as just bringing out their watercolor paint sets and others I get all Pinterest savvy and create something more complex.

4.Video Chat

We are all missing our friends and family. The weekly visits we would take to see our family members are probably what we miss the most. Thankfully, technology makes it easy for us to stay connected and at least “see” everyone daily. It’s a great way to remind everyone we are alone together.
twin babies in stroller social distancing


One thing we are making sure to do on the daily is get our bodies moving. Maybe it’s a walk, maybe it’s an at-home workout, maybe it’s a dance party. Whatever we decide we include our kids in it and keep encouraging them to get their bodies moving too. Some times while we are on strolls the boys even take a little nap! All we do is recline their seats (which you can do each seat individually) and let them sleep while we walk. We are extremely grateful for how easy it is to buckle our kids into their G-LINK 2 stroller and enjoy some much needed fresh air- it is literally a breeze. Whether it is 15 mins or 30 mins I want to encourage you all to go outside. Disconnect from the news for a bit and go enjoy the simple things in life. Stay safe and healthy everyone.
kids and social distancing

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