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Hi Friends, Disney – let’s talk about it! It’s been a while since I wrote a person blog and I think it’s long overdue. A…

girl with bubble wand at disneyland

Hi Friends,

Disney – let’s talk about it! It’s been a while since I wrote a person blog and I think it’s long overdue. A few months ago a friend of mine said I was truly a lover of everything Disney. I am. I know it. But what I had never thought about was where that love started and what it has meant to me my whole life. I know most of us love something about Disney; a movie, a show, a character, the way if makes our kids smile. I feel extremely grateful to live to close to Disneyland and for the ability to have annual passes and visit the parks as often as we do. Yet, every visit is different. And every visit fills my heart with so much joy that I just felt like I HAD to share what that is all about.

When did my Disney love start?

I can honestly say it started when I was a young child. My Godmother was a young adult at the time and she would always bring me along with her friends. I was constantly visiting the parks, going to Disney on Ice, and catching new movies in theaters. I can vividly remember sitting down watching Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast on ice! She is the person I thank for bringing such magic into my life. And as any other little girl I began to develop a love of my own for Disney.

mom with baby and disneyland
baby at disneyland

As a teenager I would visit with my parents. I remember I must have been about 16 or 17 when they gifted us annual passes! Once I started driving it became the go to spot for many of my friends on Friday nights. My love for Disney movies was still strong and I even remember my Peer Counseling group voting me Most Likely To Be a Disney Princess ! I am telling you I loved Disney and everyone knew it! I was a teenage pin collector and proud of it too!

Disney as a parent

As many of you know I became a parent at a very young age. I was 20 years old when Zoey was born and from the beginning my baby girl was dressed in anything and everything Disney. As she grew I got to share my love for everything Disney and I was wild enough to take her for the first time at 3 weeks old. I know crazy of me! But Disney is a safe spot for me and a dear one so how could I wait!

girl with goofy at disneyland
girl with princess at disneyland

My girl became as much as a Disney obsessed human as I am and I am so proud of that! With my growing family came an even deeper love. My husband and I got our family passes and it has become our home away from home. The joy is brings us to see their faces light up with all the Disney magic around us is irreplaceable. We love sitting down and watching their faces during a parade or hearing the giggles on their favorite rides. Disneyland has become a place where I can go and leave behind all the stresses or parenting, entrepreneurship, and just life. It is a place where my anxiety stays at the door and is replaced by so much love.

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kids excited

Disneyland makes me smile from the time we arrive to the time we leave and there is never a time where “We are going to Disneyland” is not met with huge smiles, a loud squeal, and “YAY!”. As my kids grow I want them to know what Disney magic is all about and embrace it. I want them to know there is no limits to what they can dream and imagine and no one does that better than Disney.

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