20 DIY Easter Decorations

DIY Easter decorations are a great way to get some time to craft and decorate your home at the same time. I love being able…

DIY Easter Decorations

DIY Easter decorations are a great way to get some time to craft and decorate your home at the same time. I love being able to create the decorations in my home and add some cozy touches to celebrate the holidays or the seasons, or just because! I have rounded up 20 DIY Easter decorations that I thought were just too cute not to share! In this DIY Easter decorations you can find things for all level of DIY-ers! Enjoy! You can also find some DIY Easter crafts for your kids HERE .

1.Easter Egg Wreath

This Easter egg wreath is so perfect and simple to make. It would also be a great craft to create with your kids as well! And chances are- you have the supplies laying around your house too!

DIY Easter decorations egg wreath

2.Bunny Wall Hanging

I love to hang decorations and swap out some of my existing ones for holiday ones. This bunny wall hanging is a great one to sub in during this season!

DIY Easter

3.Wooden Bunny Silhouette

I am a huge fan of wooden crafts. This wooden bunny silhouette is such a simple project but such a beautiful one once finished.

wooden diy easter decorations

4.Speckled Eggs

We all love a good farmhouse DIY. These speckled eggs scream farmhouse Easter and I am loving it!

diy easter eggs

6.Easter Christmas Tree

How cute is this Easter decorated Christmas tree? I have seen more and more people leaving up their trees to decorate for the different seasons and I’m not even mad! I love having my tree up and might even consider bringing out a small one for the different holidays!

easter decorations

7.DIY Easter Bunny

This Easter bunny is adorable and made with things from the dollar store- affordable and adorable! It is also a craft you can create with your kiddos.

diy easter decorations

8.Bunny Boxwood Wreath

This bunny boxwood wreath is so beautiful and also screams farmhouse! I love the simplicity but details which make it just perfect! It is so simple to make too!

diy easter decorations

9.Farmhouse Easter Tree

Another beautiful Easter decorated Christmas tree. This one has a farmhouse touch to it and is just so incredibly beautiful!

diy easter christmas tree

10.DIY Easter Eggs

I love all the Easter egg decorations. These beauties have fun sayings with vinyl and gold leaf bottoms. Super cute and look so fun to make!

diy easter decorations

11.Easter Egg Pillows

For my sewing friends- this one is for you! This Easter egg pillow is so beautiful and you can make with any fabric you have in your home!

12.Easter Egg Banner

I love garlands and banners. I love making them and frankly need more walls to put them up lol! This Easter egg banner is so cute and simple to make.

13.Easter Egg Wood Sign

What a beautiful and detailed Easter egg wood sign! I cannot get over the intricate details of the eggs! Just beautiful.

14.No-Sew Burlap Bunny Pillow

Who else loves a fun no-sew project? This burlap bunny pillow is so adorable and easy to make!

15.Bunny Garland

Remember when I said I love garlands? Well I have a few more for you on this list. This bunny garland is so cute and I think the girls need one in their room!

16.Easter Candle Holders

When I saw these Easter candle holders I thought it was store bought- then I looked at the supplies needed and realized- WOAH WE CAN TOTALLY MAKE THIS! So cute and trust me- YOU WANT TO MAKE IT!

diy easter candle holder

17.Peeps Garland

This Peeps garland is so cute and definitely adds a fun, festive, and bright touch to Easter! You know you see Peeps and they just say EASTER!

diy easter decorations

18.Fabric Carrots

These fabric carrots can be a great touch to your bowls or even added to Easter baskets! So cute!

diy easter carrots

19.Jelly Bean Garland

Another cute garland for you! This jelly bean garland is so easy to make guys!

diy easter decorations

20.Faux Floral Arrangement

A beautiful faux floral arrangement is something you can keep the whole Spring season! Such a beautiful centerpiece too!

diy easter decorations

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