5 Minute Paper Crown for Kids

The paper crown saved our day! Lia loves being a princess and playing dress up every day. She wakes up in character and all day…

girl wearing paper crown

The paper crown saved our day! Lia loves being a princess and playing dress up every day. She wakes up in character and all day long you see her fully submerged into her role. Our playroom closet is packed with dress up clothes for pretend play, but do you know what was missing? A CROWN! She is a princess 75% of the time, how did we not have a crown?

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Last week she asked for a crown and the little lightbulb in my head went off- we can’t go out and buy one right now…SO LET’S MAKE ONE! I ran to my computer and pulled up Design Space, first I checked to see if there were any previous projects I could use, but Lia was very specific on the colors and what she wanted so that went out the window. And then began the creating process, I found something simple to make that took me no more than 5 minutes to assemble and used nothing more than ribbon and cardstock! Since we have created them in all the colors to match all her outfits. I promise you will love how easy they are to make!

card stock for crown


design space

Easy peasy design

No magic here, all I did was type in crown in the image search bar and scrolled down. The crown I went with was the first I saw. There are some options to make the kind of crown that goes all the way around and is adjustable but for the sake of being quick and the kind of design Lia wanted I went with a simple one and added ribbon to tie it. All I had to do was change the colors and resize to what i needed. You can find my design here.

card stock being cut

Let’s cut our paper crown

With cutting card stock there is no trick. I used the light grip mat and set my machine to the card stock dial so it would know the amount of pressure to apply. Following that I loaded my mat and cut the two different colors of card stock needed. I do recommend you turn your mat upside down and peel the mat away from the card stock vs the other way around to prevent rolling.

paper crown for kids
girl with paper crown for kids
ribbon tying

Let’s put it together

I let Lia help with the next part. We grabbed our glue stick and pieced the 3 layers together. I liked that it had 2 layers of card stock making it very sturdy. Once it was assembled I let it dry for a bit while I grabbed some ribbon and my hole punch. I made two holes on the edges and then tied the ribbon to them as straps. THAT. IS. IT! You are done. You just grab your crown and tie it like a headband and you have yourself a princess paper crown !

It’s time to take it back to the simple things. This paper crown has brought countless hours of fun in our home. We even then created another set in white and used colors and stickers to decorate them! This craft gave me the idea of making little kits with pre cut crowns and ribbon and mailing out to our friends with kiddos as a fun little craft for them! I would love to know what crafts you have been working on too!

girl with paper crown

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