DIY Disney Frozen 2 Shirt

Disney Frozen 2 has been on repeat here since it was available for purchase. One of Lia’s favorite parts is where Olaf says “But I…


Disney Frozen 2 has been on repeat here since it was available for purchase. One of Lia’s favorite parts is where Olaf says “But I don’t even know a Samantha”. If you’ve seen the movie you know what I am talking about. And if you haven’t, I won’t spoil it- but quick go watch it! Lia loves that part so much she says it- ALL DAY LONG. It was only right that I made it into a shirt for her!

girl making DIY Disney Frozen 2 Shirt

For this project I did not go out and buy anything. While staying home I have gotten really creative and just worked on using the supplies I have at home now. I probably could have ordered some stuff, but these spur of the moment projects are just that- spur of the moment! The beauty of it is, as long as it looked like Olaf we were good to go! I encourage you to find a creative combination of what you have. I won’t list specific colors for any of the supplies, just the type you need. =)

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DIY Disney Frozen 2 Shirt

So what do you need for this Disney Frozen 2 Olaf shirt?

Easy design!

I love when I get to create something special and yet simple. I do have my moments when I embark on more complex projects such as my DIY Disney Seasonal sign with interchangeable Mickey & Minnie heads…but some days we just go simple! I did purchase the Olaf image for $1.99 but seeing as I used all materials that I already owned, $1.99 was perfect. I found the Olaf of Lia’s choice and then went and added the text. I wanted to find a fun font but something that a child could read. Not that Lia could read but when we video chat with family and people stop to read her shirt she loves it!

Since I picked black as my font color I made sure to weld it to the Olaf background so I would have one piece together and not worry about placement later. (I show you how below). Once you weld it together it will look like the second photo- don’t panic you will still be able to cut the other colors. You can find my design HERE.

When cutting…..

When cutting iron on there are 2 things I always want to make sure of:

  1. If cutting text- DO NOT FORGET TO MIRROR YOUR IMAGE. I will be honest, at first I would forget then I would have to recut the images because it would all be flipped around. It’s super easy all you do is slide this bar over and done.
  2. Iron on is placed with the shiny side down. Basically the liner part is facing down and the part sticking to your mat. This is also important because you want to make sure you cut the iron on and not the liner.

I recommend having more than one mat if possible ready. Design Space does an awesome job at loading the mats with the colors you need so you know what’s next. By having multiple mats it helps speed up the cutting process a lot when you have a ton of little pieces. For this project I did not have a ton of different colors to cut, but still- I had a 3 year old impatiently waiting for her Disney Frozen 2 Olaf shirt. Don’t forget to turn your mat upside down and peel the mat away from the iron on vs the other way around to help prevent the rolling of it.

iron on
iron on

Weeding & Applying

I love the weeding process. It is something that forces me to slow down because if I don’t I could end up gouging at a part of my image I did not need removed. When you weed the iron on you are removing any excess material that is not part of your cut design and image.

While I am weeding I set my Easypress 2 to the correct temperature by using the Cricut Heat Guide. I am all about maximizing my time. You never know when a baby will scream or a toddler will throw a fit or a preteen will decide to have a preteen moment. Once my images are weeded and my EasyPress 2 is at the targeted temperate I start to apply.

The Cricut Head Guide will guide you with the steps to apply. I take some time to figure out the order that my iron on needs to be applied as well when layering. Then I start layering them. There is a great post by Cricut with layering techniques depending on the materials used for you!

Disney Frozen 2 Shirt

The end product

Lia was super excited to say the least. She immediately changed into her shirt and has become a staple in her wardrobe. Right now more than ever I have taken even more comfort in the smiles of my kids. They are a reminder of the simple things in life and the good in the world. In a world where the unknown can be scary and give us anxiety, our kids’ smiles are something we can turn to for a reminder of what life will be once again. Stay safe and stay healthy friends.

DIY Frozen 2 Shirt

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