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A Disney DIY always makes my heart smile. It is not secret that my heart is missing our time at Disneyland. But I am not…


A Disney DIY always makes my heart smile. It is not secret that my heart is missing our time at Disneyland. But I am not letting that bring me down and instead I am channeling all my love to creating some fun crafts.

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I wanted something Disney for our home! This was by far the most complex project I have worked on and my first time using vinyl! The end product is something that I absolutely love and am super proud of! So are you ready for this?

DIY Disney Farmhouse Sign

DIY Disney Home Sign Supplies:


Wood Frame or Board I found this at Hobby Lobby, but you can find your own elsewhere.

Cricut Permanent Vinyl (the colors will vary on which colors you choose to use.) I used: Something Blue, White, Black, Red, Maize, Light Pink, Tangerine, Suntan, and Medium Blue

Circut Wood Veneer (you can choose any color, if you cover completely in vinyl you wont see the color)

Strong Grip Mat

Standard Grip Mat

Weeding Tool


Transfer Tape



cricut vinyl


Step 1: Design the HOME lettering

You can find the finished design HERE, but let me guide you through my two step process. I designed this project in two steps. The first part of this is the actual HOME part of the sign, aka not the Mickey Heads.

I measured the board and made the letters large enough to take up a majority of the framed board. In order to get my letters to be tall but not super wide I went and hit the lock on the measurements and adjusted them accordingly. This gave me more of elongated letters and I had more space for the Mickey heads.

DIY Disney Home Sign

Step 2: Cut & Apply

Cutting vinyl is a little different than cutting iron on. There is no need to turn it face down. I changed my setting to Vinyl and just placed my vinyl face up and let it cut.

Once the letters were cut I proceeded to weed the vinyl with my Weeding tools and removed the excess vinyl to get my H ME letters. Right before weeding I cleaned off the wooden surface to remove any dust so that the vinyl would apply best.

Once my word was ready I placed the Transfer Tape over it and used my scraper tool to make sure I had no bubbles. This was my first time using transfer tape! After I got all the bubbles out I then flipped it so I could remove the backing of the vinyl.

Cricut’s Permanent Vinyl sticks so well and super fast so you need to be careful you align your image where you want it before pressing it down. I aligned the H M E to the center of the wooden board and then used my scraper tool again to make sure I had no bubbles when applying.

DIY Disney Home Sign

Part 2: Mickey Head Shapes

Step 1: Design

The second part of this design was the actual mickey heads. I first decided what design I would do for each of them and made a few Minnie heads too by adding a bow and welding them together. After I designed the basic shape I went on and cut the wood veneer shapes first. I made a list of the different seasons or holidays I wanted shown each month and found images on Design Space to match for the vinyl coverings to the veneer heads.

Step 2: Cut & Apply

Cutting the vinyl was similar to cutting the vinyl for the HME letters. The vinyl goes face up. Thankfully Design Space does a great job of sorting the mats you need and putting same colored images together to save you time. After I had all my images cut I then began to weed each of them.

Once I had everything weeded I then grouped all the images that went together. Most of the Mickey heads have a base color and have an image layered on top. I was extremely nervous and quickly learned that vinyl on vinyl sticks SUPER FAST and it pretty much does not come off. (You can tell my January snowflake image is off center). Once I made that first mistake I was a lot more cautious of where I put my images before letting the vinyls come close to each other.

Disney DIY Sign
DIY Disney Home Sign


After I had all my Mickey and Minnie heads put together I then added velcro squares to the back of each of the heads and on velcro backing to the board-right where I wanted the heads to go. I made sure to apply it with glue just in case we pulled a little hard when removing.

Disney DIY

After the glue dried my sign was ready to go! This DIY Disney HOME seasonal sign was by far my most complex project. Half way through I was second guessing myself, but my kids were standing around watching this develop and I could not let them down. The finished product is one of our favorite decorations in our home, it encompasses our love for Disney, holidays & seasons, and a fun way to celebrate each change.

DIY Disney Sign


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