5 Toy Organization Tips with Cricut Joy

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine. Toy organization has been on the top of…


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

toy organization labels
Toy organization has been on the top of my list this month. This past month I had gotten to the point of closing the door to the kids’ playroom and pretending the mess was not growing. To be honest I probably would had let it continue to grow if it wasn’t for the motivation I got to organize the toys with my Cricut Joy. I took a day to declutter, clean, and reorganize their toys and boy am I happy! The room feels so clean and fresh I love it. So let’s talk about how I got from point A to point B and some tips for toy organization with Cricut Joy.

What is the Cricut Joy?

You guys know I love to craft and I love my Cricut machine. Well a short while ago Cricut released the Cricut Joy which is the smallest smart cutting machine ever! With Cricut Joy you don’t need a full craft room or dedicated space to get your crafts made. It is small enough to fit in a cubby or a counter . Not to mention Cricut Joy is easy to move around from room to room. The Cricut Joy materials even give you the ability to use without a mat! That means less stuff to carry around and less steps when you craft! You can write, cut, and create cards in minutes with their Cricut Joy exclusive blank insert card sets.
cricut joy
cricut joy toy organization

Now let’s get some toy organization going…


Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl– I picked white for this! Transfer Tape Weeding Tool Scraper


First things first, decluttering. I went through every single bin, cubby, and basket in the room and made a donation pile and a trash pile. There are so many toys that don’t get played with that can be passed on to other kids. I made sure to do this step first making it easier to sort and organize them later.


The next step was categorizing. I started with categorizing their books then moved on to arts & crafts and finally their toys.

3.Find storage boxes

I had about 8 storage bins in my home to use for sorting and storing toys and crafting supplies, etc. I figured this step would make it easy to keep things put away and not just laying all over.


This is where my Cricut Joy came into the mix. I wanted to not just sort and store their toys, but also make it very easy for my kids, my husband, and myself to know where something belonged. This has already proven to be a huge lifesaver with my husband. We now know what goes where and there are no more little random piles of stuff around. Below you can find my easy tutorial


In order to stop the toy organization from going out the window, every day before bed the girls go in and put things where they belong. Now that their bins are clearly labeled there is no questioning- just positioning.
toy organization after photo

Making toy organization labels

cricut design space

1.Design the Labels

I hopped on design space to make the labels for my bins. This design was fairly simple and included just writing some text, choosing the right font and size, and then I was ready for the cutting part. I wanted to choose a font that Lia would understand, she is at that stage where she is learning letter recognition and I wanted to keep encouraging that with anything labeled around our home. You can find my design HERE and feel free to customize it to fit however you sorted your toys.

2.Cutting the Labels

So the cool part was getting to just plugin my Cricut Joy in the playroom and work directly in there because of how compact the machine is. I basically walked over with just the Smart Vinyl, the Cricut Joy, my weeding tool, transfer paper, and a scraper to help take out any bubbles. The Smart Vinyl already has a mat so cutting it was a breeze. Once my design was ready I simply loaded the mat and hit go to cut! I held the rolled end of the vinyl to help me save material as well (just another perk of not needing a mat). Remember- you do not need to mirror your work on vinyl!
cricut joy toy organization

3.Weed the Labels

At this point I began to weed the excess material. Weeding is the process in which you remove any excess material to reveal just the parts of the material you will be using for your project. This was another quick step and then I measured out my transfer tape to begin application.

4.Using Transfer Tape

Transfer tape is something I am still fairly new at using. My scraper comes in handy to remove any excess air bubbles! I simply remove the backing and put it sticky side down over whatever I need to transfer to the surface I am using. I go over it with the scraper a few times and to remove the vinyl backing and get the design on the transfer tape I flip it upside down and peel the vinyl backing off the design slowly. Once the vinyl backing is gone i end up with my design on the transfer tape alone.
toy organization labels

5.Applying the toy organization labels

I measured out where center of my toy organization bins were and I placed the design and transfer tape there and used the scraper again and go over the design I am wanting to attach to the surface. Once I feel confident it is attached well I begin to remove the transfer tape slowly and in a wiggling motion left to right. If I run into an issue with a part not sticking I go over it with the scraper again and see if that works. And then you are done!
diy labels
diy organization for toys
These toy organization labels took me less than 15 minutes to complete from start to finish! Now you may be thinking- if I already have a Cricut machine do I need the Joy? Well in opinion, the machines serve different purposes. I use my Explore Air 2 for larger projects and when working in my office is an option. Cricut Joy offers me the freedom to work from literally anywhere in my home at any given time. It also offers the ability to create projects really fast and with super simple steps. Cricut Joy is also a great machine if you are a beginner or feel you don’t have the space a full sized machine needs. Cricut Joy has made it easy to disappear into my bedroom for some quiet crafting too!

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