How to throw a Social Distancing Birthday Party

Social distancing will not and should not prevent us from celebrating those we love. This is an opportunity to get creative in the ways we…

social distancing

Social distancing will not and should not prevent us from celebrating those we love. This is an opportunity to get creative in the ways we connect and celebrate. You may know my oldest turned 10 a few weeks ago. We had a huge bash planned with all our family and friends. In light of the global pandemic & new social distancing guidelines and recommendations it was no longer safe for us to do so. But the day was not going to go by without some sort of celebration! So how do you make your loved one’s birthday as special as can be during this time? Easy peasy!

The original birthday theme was a karaoke party, but I decided to get creative and name it her quaranTENTH birthday! To keep the spirit of her party alive we kept the karaoke theme alive!


The days have all blended for some of us. In order to truly separate it from any other regular day at home, I decorated the heck out of our home. I had so many decorations from Oriental Trading company boxed up for the big party and decided WHY NOT! My husband and I brought the party to our living and dining room! We started off by setting up our backdrop because no party is complete without a photo op & karaoke area. I had this fun fringe backdrop we carefully setup in our doorway and I made a little birthday banner for her as well.

I turned our bar area into a dessert bar and even brought out some of the party favors we had for the kids as well. What really set this area over the top was the DIY balloon garland. I got the complete kit (balloons, strip, and glue dots) from Oriental Trading and gave my try at my first balloon garland. I am addicted you guys! It really kicked up the party atmosphere by A TON!

party favors
Social distancing party


A party is never complete without cake. You can make the cake yourself or look for a local bakery that can deliver or has curbside pick up. Zoey picked her favorite- a red velvet bundt cake for the occasion. I was happy to see our Nothing Bundt Cakes store was offering curbside, contactless pick up. I. kept it simple and just added the 10 candles on top.


Most places are offering takeout or delivery options. Our girl picked pizza and we simply ordered online and setup a contactless delivery. This is a great opportunity to support local businesses during such trying times.

social distancing 10th birthday


In our case we had a karaoke party so music was a must. Whether you karaoke or you just want to dance, find a fun playlist to stream & enjoy listening to music with those you love.

Drive By Birthday Parade

PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL ORDINANCES & POLICE DEPARTMENTS PRIOR. (certain states/cities have laws against them) This was the highlight of her day! Everyone was able to come, by yell Happy Birthday, make tons of noise & all safely from their cars. Check out the video below!

social distancing birthday

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