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My floor cleaner is being used daily nowadays. With everyone home, we have a lot more foot traffic and the need to clean our floors…


My floor cleaner is being used daily nowadays. With everyone home, we have a lot more foot traffic and the need to clean our floors has definitely increased. What hasn’t increased though is the amount of time that I have for cleaning them. With the lack of time, I’ve had  to get creative and find a way to find a way to keep our floors clean and save time. I was very excited to find that theShark VACMOP answered my calling! TheVACMOP is a cordless vacuum and mop all in one.

With 4 kids, a husband working from home, and trying to work from home myself- every minute counts! TheVACMOP makes it super easy to clean my floors without needing multiple tools. So let me share some of my favorite features & tell you what I love about them.

1.Powerful Vacuum Suction

First, let’s talk about the fact that I have two crawling babies picking up whatever they can off the floors. It is so important that all the little things get picked up off our wood floors. The postpartum shedding is so real and along with all the hair on the floor, there are crumbs too (because toddlers). The VACMOP’s pad locks away dirt and debris that other pads just push it around.


Along with suctioning up the dirt, the need for mopping has doubled! Whether it’s cleaning up a spill or just wiping down the floors for the babies- I give our floors a mop twice a day now. I went from mopping twice a week to mopping twice a day simply because of the little time it takes me to do so with the VACMOP .I love how easy it is to just grab my VACMOP and use the spray mopping function. We have a saying in our home whenever one of the kids (or we) make a mess “What do we do with messes? We clean them up”, and with the 4 layer absorbent pads you can tackle all those spills and sticky floor messes. We keep our VACMOP close to our dining room and just grab it and go various times throughout the day.


Not only is theVACMOP easy to use, it has such a lightweight design that I can easily carry it up and down the stairs. The vacuum is cordless and comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery making it super easy to charge after use. It is as easy as- adding a new pad, cleaning my floors, and tossing the pad away! No extra mess. Nothing!

Time is even more valuable nowadays. We have added additional tasks to our day and cleaning can be an easy thing to put on the back burner. If there is one thing I have learned is it’s easier for me to maintain a clean home with a few minutes a day than allowing it to pile up. With the VACMOP I am able to get my floors completely clean in minutes. My house has never felt cleaner. What used to be a dreaded chore, has now become such an easy task to accomplish. If you need a hard floor cleaner to save you time check out the VACMOP !

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