17 Mocktail Recipes Perfect for Summer

Mocktail recipes are here to save us from the heat! The days are getting warmer and most schools are officially out. There has never been…


Mocktail recipes are here to save us from the heat! The days are getting warmer and most schools are officially out. There has never been a better time to grab yourself a refreshing drink and head outside.

With summer break in full effect my husband and I have transformed our backyard into a little summer getaway full of backyard BBQs and mini pool parties with our kids. It has become our favorite place to be together.

What pool party is complete without a fun looking drink am I right? Our kids sure think they come hand in hand.

Some days a cocktail does the soul right and others it’s time for a refreshing mocktail. I specially love making mocktails for the whole family to enjoy together!

My girls enjoy having a fancy looking drink too! Can you blame them?

One thing I love is how easy it is to make the mocktail recipes below and the simple ingredients that are used for each of them.

Here are 17 refreshing mocktail recipes perfect for you and your whole family! Enjoy!

1.Refreshing Summertime Raspberry Mint Mojito

This raspberry mint mojito can be made as a cocktail or a mocktail and takes only 5 minutes to make. Such a refreshing recipe.

mocktail recipes for summer

2.Lavender Lemonade

I’ve never tried lavender lemonade but it sounds delicious. This is a recipe that will give your traditional lemonade a nice twist.

lavender lemonade for summer

3.Virgin Piña Colada

Piña coladas are my jam! I love this virgin piña colada option for my kids and whole family. The cherry truly is the cherry on top to this.

pina colada mocktail

4.Shirley Temple

This shirley temple recipe is so easy to follow and quick to make! I love anything topped with cherries.

shirley temple mocktail recipes

5.Piña Colada

Each piña colada recipe I find to be unique. Check this one out.

6.Fruit Punch

Talk about refreshing! What says refreshing better than a glass of freshly made fruit punch? You get to enjoy fruit and a refreshing drink in one!

7.Non-Alcoholic Mojito

I love mojitos– the flavor of mint is just delicious. This non-alcoholic mojito version is perfect for everyone.

8.Caramel Apple Mocktail

How delicious does this caramel apple mocktail sound? Apple and caramel screams fall, but why not enjoy it year round?

9.Tropical Sunshine Mocktail

I love anything with pineapple! This tropical sunshine mocktail is so easy to make you will be shocked and look at how pretty it looks!

10.Virgin Banana Daquiri

Everyone in my family loves banana-everything! We are so excited to try these virgin banana daquiris with the whole family.

banana daquiri mocktail recipes

11.Sparkling Watermelon Agua Fresca

I love aguas frescas. This sparkling watermelon agua fresca is both refreshing and naturally sweetened!

agua fresca


This dharmarita is going to make it’s way to our home. It is a healthy strawberry drink perfect for your family.

healthy strawberry drink

13.Fresh Strawberry Mojito Mocktail

My husband and I enjoy making different versions of mojitos. We will definitely be trying this fresh strawberry mojito mocktail recipe soon.

mojito mocktail recipes

14.Strawberry Mint Lemonade

In our home we make lemonade once a week. We have a huge lemon tree in our yard and love to try new recipes- strawberry mint lemonade is on my list!

strawberry mint lemonade

15.Celebration Punch!

Let’s make all days worth celebrating with this celebration punch!

punch recipe

16.Lemon Pomegranate Spritzer

This lemon pomegranate spritzer with chia looks so delicious. This recipe is low-carb and sugar-free!

mocktail recipes for summer

17.Lemon Basil Spritzer

How delicious does this lemon basil spritzer sound? Absolutely refreshing and so easy to make!

lemon basil spritzer mocktail recipes

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