The ULTIMATE Social Distance Summer Bucketlist

It’s time for a summer bucketlist – social distancing edition! Schools are out- congratulations parents! This year more than ever I anxiously awaited for the beginning of summer break!

Our summer bucketlists usually consist of a lot of- leaving our home and adventuring out. So this year I had to get creative with what we would do.

siblings excited

With the CDC continuing to recommend social distancing and staying home when possible going out is not ideal. Not to mention 4 kids to have to watch out for while being out in a world where we need to watch what we touch, our distance, and make sure we are constantly washing our hands/ sanitizing.

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    Just thinking about being out in public with the kids gives me anxiety. So I decided we would create adventures in our own home. My girls have come to expect a summer to-do list and schedule of a sort so I could not drop the ball this year.

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    As always I looked for activities we could do with things we have at home or some inexpensive options at the very minimum. I created a fun FREE printable for you to create your own!


    • 1.Backyard Camping
    • 2.Backyard Pool Party
    • 3.Chalk Art
    • 4.Water balloon fight
    • 5.Backyard picnic
    • 6.Bubble Play
    • 7.Paint
    • 8.Craft
    • 9.Family Game Night
    • 10.Build a fort
    • 11.Bike Ride
    • 12.Go on neighborhood walks
    • 13.Tie-Dye
    • 14.Jump Rope
    • 15.Make pizza
    • 16.Paint Rocks
    • 17.Plant flowers
    • 18.Make s’mores
    • 19.Send a drawing
    • 20.Dance party
    • 21.Read a Book
    • 22.Make Slime
    • 23.Donate toys
    • 24.Virtual Museums
    • 25.Virtual zoo trip
    • 26.Run Through the Sprinklers
    • 27.Video chat with family
    • 28.Family sleepover
    • 29.Make paper airplanes
    • 30.Scavenger Hunt
    • 31.Have a BBQ
    • 32.Fly a Kite
    • 33.Hula Hoop
    • 34.Make a bird feeder
    • 35.Look for constellations
    • 36.Drive- By family houses. & wave
    • 37.Mail family some artwork
    • 38.Outdoor Movie Night
    • 39.App based game night with family
    • 40.Learn an instrument
    summer bucketlist 2020

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