15 Minute DIY Welcome Sign with Cricut Joy

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine. I finally made my DIY Welcome sign! I…


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

I finally made my DIY Welcome sign! I had been wanting to create something to display on our porch and I finally got to it! This DIY welcome sign took me 15 minutes to create and added a really nice homey touch to our porch.

For this design I used my Cricut Joy to create the wording on my welcome sign. I love to bring out my Joy for simple one cut and one color projects. It’s so easy to create quick and everyday projects in under 15 minutes.

Diy Welcome Sign

With Cricut Joy I am able to work from anywhere in my home and even from the Design Space mobile app!

Setup is fast because of it’s compact size & with the Cricut Joy Smart Materials products I don’t need a mat. Once I am done working I just store it in a cubby and done!

So let’s get to this DIY Welcome Sign! You can find weekly home renovation project inspiration and tutorials on the Cricut Blog!

DIY Welcome Sign Supplies:

  • Cricut Joy
  • Smart Vinyl in Black
  • Transfer Tape
  • Wood Blank- I got mine from Walmart for $8
  • Ribbon
  • Your choice flowers (or no flowers-personal choice)
  • Glue (hot glue gun is preferred to add the flowers and ribbon)

Step 1: Design Space

The design for my DIY Welcome sign was fairly simple. I just wanted a few words on it. I wrote my first line of text, picked my font, and then curved it. After I had the top part right I then wrote two additional lines.

For these two lines I wanted to create a cursive look to it so I ungrouped the letters, positioned them to where I desired, highlighted the whole word and hit weld to make them one piece.

Step 2: Cut Your Design

I did weld the “at home” together so it would be easier to cut and apply together. To cut your Smart Vinyl all you do is put your Smart Vinyl into the front of your Joy so it is detected and automatically loaded.

I love how easy it is to cut with Smart Vinyl and not have to load to a mat.

weed vinyl

Step 4: Weed Your Design

Still one of my favorite parts of Cricut crafting- weeding. I love grabbing my weeding tool and removing the excess material to reveal my masterpiece!

diy welcome sign

Step 5: Add Details

After I weeded my design I put it to the side to setup my wooden blank. I wanted to add the bow and the flowers to it so I could better position the wording.

I started by making my bow out of wired ribbon and glued it to the top. Once I positioned the bow I glued the hanging ribbon to the side to make sure the letters would not be blocked.

I then proceeded to cut the flowers and glue them up top near the bow. The design of the floral is completely up to you.

cricut joy supplies
diy welcome sign transfer

Step 6: Transfer

While the flowers and bow dried up I grabbed my transfer tape. I measured out enough transfer tape for my text and removed the backing.

I then placed the transfer tape over my weeded design and ran my scraper over to help the vinyl adhere to the transfer tape. Once I felt the text had stuck well onto the transfer tape I removed the backing of the vinyl.

This process leaves you with your design on the transfer tape. Make sure your surface is clean before positioning your vinyl design on top.

*A clean surface will make it easier to attach.

Next, position your vinyl design with transfer tap attached on your surface and go over it again with the scraper. I make sure to use my scraper at least 10 times before removing the transfer tape.

*Remove the transfer tape in a slow back and forth motion. If you have any pieces not sticking keep the transfer tape and use your scraper over those areas again.

diy welcome sign

Step 7: Hang it!

YOU ARE DONE! Just find a beautiful place to put your masterpiece!

Altogether this project took less than 30 minutes! I am so happy with my DIY Welcome sign!

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