5 Tips for Family Photos from a mom of 4

I am one of those moms who loves to take family photos yearly. Getting to look back at some captured moments of my family throughout…


I am one of those moms who loves to take family photos yearly. Getting to look back at some captured moments of my family throughout the years is something I enjoy doing A LOT.

Since becoming a mom 10 years ago I tried to make sure to have family photos taken. One of my favorite parts of taking family photos is that- I GET TO BE IN THEM!

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BUT! As a mom of 4 & frequent client for family photos I can tell you I totally understand that it’s usually a day full of chaos, a drive with most people upset before those smiles are captured.

I’ve been there- stressing to get everyone dressed, get there on time, and crossing your fingers everyone cooperates. So here are my 5 tips as a seasoned mama that I hope help your family photos session go by a bit smoother.

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5 Family Photo Tips

1.Share some information about your little humans before your family photos

Talk to your photographer and share some information about your family. Over the years I have worked with my fair share of photographers & when they take the time to learn a bit about what my kids like or dislike it really helps them connect.

Knowing you and your kids will make it easier for them to capture your families essence. Your photographer will know what joke to make or song to sing to make your kids laugh.

2.Find a location

Work with your photographer on finding the perfect location to fit your style. Photographers have such an eye for unique locations. Some of my favorite photos have taken place at locations I would have never thought of myself.

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3.Less is more

Picking what to wear was always a challenge. What I have learned is less is more when it comes to prints and patterns. You don’t want a pattern that will stand out so much it will take away from everything else.

Some of my favorite photos have included outfits coordinating in color & season. Another tip- share your outfit thoughts with your photographer for some feedback.

4.Make sure your little ones are fed and napped

Making sure your kiddos are well rested! This is probably one of the most important things you can do to prepare for your family photos. You know those meltdowns kids tend to have when they are tired? Well they WILL have it when you are about to start or even mid-way.

Schedule your photo session around your child’s schedule to make sure they are happy and cooperative. And total mom hack- BRING ALL THE SNACKS!!!

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4.Get to your location early

I suggest arriving between 15-30 minutes before your session. Your photographer will probably already be there. Chat a bit and discuss your plan for a successful session.

Let your kids get comfortable in their environment. This extra time will also give you enough time for snacks and diaper changes too.

5.Relax During Your Family Photos

Some of my favorite family photos are those where we are just being us. I have some amazing pictures where my kids are running around and laughing.

These magical moments are what make the investment of family photos worth it for us. Your job is to just go and enjoy some time with your family captured by someone other than you.

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  1. We haven’t had a family photo taken in awhile but I do take plenty of us individually. My young ones are not as young but you have definitely provided good tips for new moms.

  2. I love these tips! Especially less is more for the outfit! We JUST had toddler pictures done on my parents farm and it was so great to have him in a location where he was comfortable and our photographer was able to tell all about our family and my son by the pics!

  3. As a family photographer here in Australia I couldnt agree more with what you have listed! There are always little tricks to be had when doing photos especially of kids! They can be so different and tricky at times! lol lol lol Especailly when they start pulling faces …..

  4. Awesome tips. We recently did a photo shoot with the kids and I embraced the same strategies. We go there early, with tons of snacks, and rocked the solids

  5. Great tips! I have such a hard time getting brood of 3 to all make decent faces for any sort of group picture. They usually end up terrible, but hopefully when they are older they will at least be kind of funny. 🙂 I need to find a photographer to try for some more “natural” shots, I really like those. Great post!

  6. These are wonderful tips for taking photographs with littles!!! It can be quite a difficult thing to do 🙂

  7. Thank you for these amazing tips. As a mom I think our favorite thing to do is capture special moments.

    1. You know we usually take about an hour. It isn’t continuous and we move around. the best thing about these more lifestyle photos is that its all about being natural.

  8. I love these tips. I have never tried professional pictures due to my girls getting ornery during my picture taking of them sometimes. These tips might help us. Thank you!

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