Be Kind, Have Grace, Have Fun This School Year

Hey Mamas, This school year is doing to be different no doubt about it. Whether you are sending your kids for a traditional school year,…


Hey Mamas,

This school year is doing to be different no doubt about it. Whether you are sending your kids for a traditional school year, doing a hybrid program, distance learning, or homeschooling for the first time- it’s all new territory for most of us.

I see so many moms feeling anxious and stressed because there seems to be no right cookie-cutter 100% safe and perfect choice across. On top of that stress we add the judgement for whatever choice we make. I love us moms but boy can we be judgmental of others who do something different.

After conversations with so many friends and family I hear everyone’s concerns. It feels like a constant struggle between what seems like choosing our kids emotional health vs their physical health. Basically, each choice has it’s down side.

For my family what is best might not be what is best or feasible for yours, and I get that. I respect that. If there is one thing though I do want to share is this- whatever you choose to do be kind, have grace & have fun.

Be kind to the teachers and staff trying to navigate this for the first time. Like you and I everyone is new at this. I know tensions are high but we have to try and remember to be kind.

Have grace with your teachers and staff. Maybe the school year won’t be as fast paced- that’s okay. They are humans too with kids and family who they are also worrying about.

Do not forget to have fun with your kids. The emotional support for them right now that they are either being sat in front of a computer for hours, made to be wear a mask, or homeschooling is so important. This is new to them.

I was the kind of mom who placed such a high value on the academics part of school and am now seeing how much my kids miss and needed the social part more than anything. I hear the frustration in Lia’s voice when she asks why she can’t see her friends. I see the sad face when Zoey tells me she imagined this Summer spent playing outside with her friends.

My kids now have each other, and for Zoey she gets to see other faces during distance learning. It’s not the same.

If it’s hard for us who can understand what is happening and what is safe- how must it be for them? This is why I feel that the emotional support we can provide our kids goes beyond what any book can teach them right now.

We can teach them kindness and get creative with how we interact with everyone. We do things like window visits with family, Drive-By parties to wave at our loved ones, and drop off weekly baked goods at the doorsteps of our neighbors so they know we are thinking of them.

I don’t want to spend this school year being stressed. I know it’s all new and unknown and to be honest I don’t think anyone is in control of this virus.

We do what we can to stay safe & keep our families safe. We do what we are each comfortable doing and that is the best we can do. That is more than enough.

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