DreamBox & DreamCart- The Ultimate Office Organization System

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DreamBox Time!!!!!

I took a few weeks off but I’M BACK! I took a much needed mini break alongside my husband. We spent those two weeks revamping a lot of areas in our home!

I am finally ready to share my new office organization system- the DreamBox in all it’s organized glory! The DreamBox is one of the many pieces of organization furniture from Create Room. Create Room previously known as The Original Scrapbox!

For the past few weeks I have been sharing a bit of the process of getting this beauty into my home. I am still as obsessed as I was the day it arrived and cannot wait to share.

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My Office

My office area has been what would typically be a formal dining room-something I never wanted. When we moved into our home I took it over as my office space.

For the past few months it also doubled as an area full of baby toys, soft mats, and along with my desk held a 3×3 cube storage for my crafting and blogging supplies.

The more creative I got with my work the more I accumulated and I quickly outgrew my space. Not to mention there was no real way to organize it. I found myself searching through bins and hating it.

It has been my DREAM to own a DreamBox and am still in disbelief at this new amazing work space I have now.

I loved everything about it- so many ways to organize and personalize it. So many bins! And my favorite thing- the ability to put it all away when we have guests over or just keep away from the littles.

What I ordered

  • DreamBox in White-Shaker Style
  • 80 Tote & 77 shelf package
  • Crown Light- I was told this is a life changer- AND IT IS!
  • 3 built-in drawers
  • Pre-Built Service
  • 2-Leaf DreamCart

The Style Options

Let’s talk about the style- you can choose from 4 different styles; White Ergo, White Shaker, Farmhouse Gray, Chocolate Knotty Alder . The White-Shaker absolutely spoke to me and my style of decor in our home.

All DreamBox designs come with wheels making it an office that can literally move around anywhere!

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The Totes

The 80 Tote & 77 Shelf Package is not mandatory since it does come with 40 Totes and 53 Shelfs. HOWEVER- I have A LOT of stuff and really wanted to maximize the space to separate and group everything from blogging supplies, my crafting supplies, and even the girls home school supplies.

The Crown Light

The Crown Light is a true life changer. Even with a new fixture in my office the moment I turn on the crown light it automatically brightens up my workspace and makes it just that much better. Not to mention if I craft at night or early morning I don’t need to turn on the light in the room!

The Drawers

The built-in drawers are the perfect space for me to store things I need accessible often and quickly; my glasses, Air Pods, card reader, chap stick, hair clip, etc. Definitely adds more storage to your DreamBox.

The Pre-Built Service

The Pre-Built is probably THE BEST INVESTMENT on the DreamBox. My husband and I are pretty crafty and great with DIY stuff and assembling furniture. BUT- we have 4 kids who run around all day long.

At first we did not plan to add the Pre-Built and thought it would be a piece of cake. The more we thought about it- it became essential. This would mean the hard work was done for us and I could spend that time organizing it.

With the Pre-Built service you are looking at 1-3hrs to assemble the DreamBox depending on how long it takes to put pegs for shelving and modifying your totes, etc. However, without the Pre-Built you are looking at roughly 8 hours to assemble the DreamBox with two people.

If you can add the Pre-Built- I highly recommend it.

The DreamCart

Now let’s talk DreamCart. It is just the perfect space for so many activities. From crafting to homeschooling- we do just about everything here.

So many of us are choosing to keep our kids at home either distance learning or homeschooling and the DreamCart just became the perfect space for that.

My girls have basically claimed ownership of the DreamCart. It comes with 13 totes itself which I have filled in with things like Play Doh, magnetic tiles, puzzles, sensory activities, and some workbooks and homeschooling supplies.

The 2-leaf option was perfect to give them each a side with plenty of work space. Not to mention when I need the extra table space I can simply role it over to attach to my DreamBox and give myself plenty of space!

DreamBox Size

The DreamBox is a whopping 6ft in height, 3ft 1in wide, and 2ft 10in when closed. It is grows to 6ft high, 9ft wide, and 4ft deep when fully opened and the tabletop down.

Talk about transformation! The tabletop is almost 2ft 11in wide and 2ft 11.5in deep (plus some space inside the box) when down.

You can find detailed measurements on the totes here.

2-Leaf DreamCart Size

The 2-Leaf DreamCart comes with wheels to make it easy to move and a latch system to easily attach to your DreamBox. (It is beautifully spacious when together).

Closed the 2-Leaf DreamCart stands at 29.5in, 18.5in wide, and 28.5in deep. When you open up both leaves you transform your DreamCart to 28.5in tall, 69.5in wide, and 28.5in deep. You more than double your working space!

The DreamCart comes with it’s own set of shelfs and 13 in view totes as well to give you even more space to organize.

Let’s Talk About the Price

I don’t ever want you to feel like you NEED to purchase anything I talk about. I love to share products in my life that help me out- like the DreamBox.

I definitely understand the DreamBox is definitely an investment. I know when looking at the price it can be a little scary to make a big purchase.

The DreamBox starts at around $2,199.00 and your final price will depend on how you customize it. With Create Room you have the option to pay for it at once or to finance it with APR rates as low as 0%.

The DreamBox is a beautiful piece of organizational furniture, but can also be a hefty expense. With their financing option you can choose between a 6, 12, 24, or 36 month financing option to fit YOUR own budget.

I also highly recommend taking note of their sales which are always full of great savings. I will do my best to share them all with you! To save you even more if you use code: MAMMABEARSAYS you can get an additional $100.00 off your DreamBox.

Ordering Process

Create Room guides you through your ordering process and gives you all the options to personalize it from the get go. You are able to purchase accessories down the line, but hey if you do it at once you save on shipping!

Once I customized my order and was given an estimated shipping date.

Keep in mind due to high demand production time may vary… but hey they’re building it JUST FOR YOU!

I signed up for the Shop app which gives you updates on your order. Once you get the shipping notification it is then delivered to a delivery hub.

When the delivery company receives your order you will get a phone call to schedule a delivery to make sure someone is home. I was so excited I scheduled it for the soonest they had available.

The day of arrival I was stalking my front door, as were the girls. They were so excited for our new work space. I’m telling you they have felt this to be theirs too from day 1 lol!

Upon arrival the delivery man brought it to our drive way. He even positioned it with the Create Room sign facing the street for my photo! Thank you sir!

We made sure to tip our delivery person. Not mandatory but I was so appreciative of how cautious and helpful he was. It was seriously 100 degrees outside!

Bringing it In!

We immediately started to unbox it, my husband grabbed his drill to quickly remove the screws around the crate.

Side note- my husband was excited for it to arrive so he could use the wood from the crate for woodworking projects lol!

With the Pre-Built service the DreamBox arrives in 3 parts. Don’t let this scare you- there are instructions on how to unload everything inside carefully.

You ideally need 2 adults to bring this baby in! It is just WOAH amazing but we ended up asking our neighbor for some help. He gladly masked up with my husband and brought in the big pieces.

Let’s Assemble

The assembly with the Pre-Built is a piece of cake! You just attach the two doors. I need to note- the instructions are SOOOO easy to follow!

After adding the doors my husband installed the Crown Light and then it was all up to me.

With the Pre-Built service you save so much time, and the majority of our time was spent adding the pegs for shelves and inserting the totes.

I started off following the Create Room guide for the 80 Totes and 77 shelves until I started to put supplies in and I had a better idea of what I needed. The best part is I kept all the extra tools and bins and stored them in the garage.

As my business grows my needs can change and I will have the ability to adapt my work space to my new needs.

DreamBox Organizing

After we added the pegs, shelfs, and bins in my husband left me to it and I began to organize all my cha-chas (slang for things) !

I knew I wanted to keep one full door side for the craft supplies the kids could access and their homeschooling materials.

The right side became my side for all my Cricut crafting materials; vinyl, blanks, and tools. I placed all my vinyl in the large bins and used the shoebox totes for my blank t-shirts, tumblers, and Infusible Ink blanks too.

The small totes are all supplies like Infusible Ink pens & Markers, office supplies, hot glue sticks, etc. The outside of the door has 3m hooks which house my Cricut mats.

*The Dreambox will still close well with these.

The inside of the doors house supplies like my Cricut Tools on the cool hooks and my letterboard supplies along with my tripods which are key to my business. The DreamBox seriously fits all my needs.

The middle section is half card stock and the other half is all blogging related items; paperwork like receipts, props for photos, notebooks with notes for content ideas and courses, camera chargers, external hard drives, card readers, printer paper, my planner supplies, etc.

The bottom half of the middle section houses my printer, my EasyPress 2 machines, my sewing machine and sewing supplies.

The left is what I wanted- all the kid friendly crafting supplies and homeschooling items. Since this is the space I will use for homeschooling it was really important that I gave it all a home close by.

I made their crafting supplies easily accessible and placed a few of my Cricut Joy materials in there as well- the girls love to craft with this machine.

The inside of the door has their scissors, and the jars at the bottom are perfect for homeschooling manipulatives and crafting supplies such as beads and pom poms.

On the outside of the door I added small 3m hooks to hang some homeschooling charts for them.

DreamBox as an Office

The DreamBox and DreamCart have completely transformed my work and schooling space. We added a few things on the wall for homeschooling along with my Vision Board and Dry Erase work calendar (I have 3 calendars I use lol).

It is a space that I can finally use to fit all that I need. With the type of work that I do I had found it difficult to create a space that could seamlessly fit all that I do.

As a blogger I have so many tools I use and now have easy access to them. Not to mention the table top makes for a great clean space to shoot content . I simply prop up a white board background and now have a beautiful area for product shots.

I find that many women in my field lack a centralized workspace. Most of our work involves things from shooting photos, writing blogs/captions, creating videos, and the need to keep paper trails of our expenses etc.

I found myself running to all different parts of my house to gather all I needed and feeling frustrated with a lack of organization.

With my DreamBox and DreamCart I have the ease of knowing where everything is at and the true ability to perform all my tasks in one place.

I invite you to use my code: MAMMABEARSAYS to get $100 off your DreamBox!


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