Drive By Birthday Party DIY Party Favor Tags

We celebrated the twins with a Drive by birthday party last month. My babies turned one and I wanted to celebrate them as big as…


We celebrated the twins with a Drive by birthday party last month. My babies turned one and I wanted to celebrate them as big as we could.

drive by birthday party favor tags


This mama LOVES to decorate, personalize, and DIY the heck out of my kids’ birthdays. Without being able to safely throw a regular birthday bash I was a little sad that I would miss all the prep fun.

I found a way to still get my DIY on for their birthday while still having a drive by birthday party. With toilet paper being the staple of the pandemic, my mother in law gave me the idea to give a roll out as a favor.

The idea made me laugh so I hunted down some toilet paper and to make it personalized I included these DIY tags using my Cricut Explore Air 2 Print then Cut option. These tags really helped me feel like I was personalizing their party and I found to be hilarious.

You can catch the tutorial for the party favor HERE.


Design The Tags

I kept the design of the tags very simple. A quick Design Space search was all I needed. There are tons to choose from. You can find my design here!

*If you wish to personalize them too you can unflatten, add your text, select everything and select flatten again <3

The idea of toiler paper ROLLS and people ROLLing on by made me giggle so stuck with it! Searched Design space for a fun car photo and added it to the center of the tag.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-08-14-at-1.59.11-PM-1440x900.png

I liked the idea of curving the Thank You over the car and selected the curve button until I set it to what I loved.

diy party favor tags
diy p

After everything was aligned like I wanted I highlighted my whole design and selected flatten

party favor tags with cricut

As soon as I was ready to bring my design to life I changed the number from 1 to 24 to make sure i had enough tags.

party favor tags tutorial

Your Cricut machine will then instruct you to send your design to your printer.

Cutting your DIY Drive By Birthday Party tags

This step is so simple once your designs are printed you load it to the corner of your light grip mat and slip it into your machine. The way Print Then Cut works is by checking for the sensor marking around the design and cutting that way. Super cool!

drive by party favor tags printed
cricut making drive by party favor tags

*Once your designs are cut flip your mat over and pull the mat away from your card stock to help avoid your paper curling.

The print then cut option makes it so easy to print full designs and create garlands, tags, stickers, etc! Will definitely share some more tutorials and projects with this feature later on too.

drive by birthday party favor tags


Once you have your tags cut out all you do is add it to your TP roll favor and you are done! You can add these to any other favor as well! You can catch a video and tutorial HERE.

Wishing you all an abundance of happiness and health. Stay safe!

drive by birthday party favor tags

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