Homeschool Room Tour & Ideas

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Homeschool room tour is ready! All the details to help you set up your own homeschooling area! Parents are getting ready to start their first year of homeschooling or distance learning. Check out our homeschool room design for this school year. #Homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolroom #schoolroom #homeschoolroomtour #homeschoolroomideas #homeschoolideas #homedesign #homedecor

Homschool Room is here! It is happening- homeschooling! I am part of the thousands of parents around the world embarking on the homeschooling journey this school year.

The decision to do one thing or the other is not easy for any parent. I was very nervous as I was at first. With our homeschool room area setup- I feel a lot more prepared.

Our Learning Choices for 2020-2021

For My 5th Grader

I have a preschooler and a 5th grader this 2020-2021 school year. For my oldest Zoey we have chosen our districts distance learning option.

Distance learning will allow her teachers to still be the ones teaching. We will of course provide support whenever needed.

This model just made it easier for us to still be able to work from home & give her some interaction online with friends and other people.


For My Preschooler

In the case of Lia, it’s for homeschooling. After some research I came across Mother Goose Time. Mother Goose Time is a research-based curriculum that provides you with all the work and materials you need.

Being a mom of 4, a program that would provide me the most guidance and minimal prep was important. The program is a subscription monthly service with everything I need to teach. Their program comes with guided and pre-made lesson plans too.

Our Room

I wanted our homeschool room to be close to my working space. This gives me the ability to get work done while the girls take part in independent work.

I have turned 1/2 of my office space into a homeschool room with plenty of storage space!

The DreamCart will serve as their desk areas with plenty of tabletop space. Inside of the DreamBox there is a whole section for their supplies.

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My friend recommended this very affordable stool set (Corinne ) which are the perfect height for the girls.

homeschool room ideas


Most of my supplies have been from the dollar store, Amazon, Target Dollar-Spot.

In the DreamCart bins I placed Play-Doh, puzzles, workbooks, and sensory bins easily accessible to the girls. The top contains a bin with their pencil boxes, and materials we use daily.

This lazy susan is perfect for the supplies they use often like dry-erase markers, markers, crayons, and glue-sticks.

This Art Easel from the playroom was relocated for more writing space.

homeschool room design

homeschool supplies

homeschool room setup

Homeschool Room Decor

The goal was to bring some of Lia’s classroom favorites & bring some color into the room. I wanted it to be fun and bright and also cozy. This super cool calendar pocket- chart full really made it feel like a classroom.

My husband easily mounted it with 3m hooks and boom. Above the calendar we added these beautiful printable sheets from Etsy- Ashley Ringger.

This super easy to make behavior clip chart was created with my Cricut Explore Air 2 and has been amazing! The girls have loved having a positive reward system in place. I love how the moving of the clips themselves reinforces the idea that they are in charge of their choices.

This set of Education Learning Posters, a weather Chart, and an Emotions chart were purchased from her shop. After printing, I cut each PDF and sized it to fit an 8×10 frame for our wall.

This 10 pack of highly affordable picture frames from Amazon and my husband helped me put this cool collage together.

*Neat trick to easily hang up frames: Add a piece of tape to the back and make a line where the hook back to your frame is with pencil. Then lift the frame and press against the wall to transfer the marking and use that to know where to put your nail!*

On my DreamBox I added some 3m hooks and added this cool Alphabet activity felt chart perfect to activities like matching the letters, working on sounds, and learning the ABCs.

I found a neat pocket chart perfect for site words right above and some dry-erase sheets perfect for reusing activity sheets and saving paper.

The left side of my DreamBox has dedicated spaces for counting bears, cubes, pom poms, rulers, pencils, construction paper, notepads, and all the extra schooling supplies we may need.

There are 3 bins dedicated to housing our actual curriculum as well.

With one week until we start homeschooling I feel prepared to take on this new chapter. Us new homeschoolers have a lot to learn I am sure, so don’t forget to be kind on yourself!

Homeschool room tour is ready! All the details to help you set up your own homeschooling area! Parents are getting ready to start their first year of homeschooling or distance learning. Check out our homeschool room design for this school year. #Homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolroom #schoolroom #homeschoolroomtour #homeschoolroomideas #homeschoolideas #homedesign #homedecor


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