Abu Costume for Baby DIY

Hi friends. Sharing this DIY Abu costume for babies is making me so nostalgic. I shot these pictures and made this costume 6 months ago…


Hi friends. Sharing this DIY Abu costume for babies is making me so nostalgic. I shot these pictures and made this costume 6 months ago & am now finally it with you. Look at how little my babies were!


Whether you are making this Abu costume for Halloween or just because I hope you enjoy this quick and easy tutorial. My goal has been to bring you dress up ideas that won’t take hours or any crazy sewing skills to bring to life.

no sew abu costume

As a mama of four I understand how limited our time can be. This DIY No Sew Abu costume is the companion to an Aladdin costume tutorial I created earlier this month.

I started dressing up the boys in fun duo costumes since they were born & have honestly fallen behind on all my ideas, but hey that’s life right? Slowly but sure I am making my visions come to life.

If you are on the hunt for some DIY Costume Ideas you can check out some of my other posts; Sebastian, Flounder, DEA Agent, Pablo Escobar, Lion, Raggedy Ann, Adult Witch.

Let’s get started on this Abu DIY no sew costume shall we?

diy abu costume supplies

What you need for this Abu DIY costume

  • Brown Hooded Romper – I found this one on Amazon for only $14. The hood was important so I could attach the ears and the hat easily.
  • Red Onesie– You can grab one with sleeves or without.
  • Fuschia Felt
  • Tan Felt
  • Purple Felt
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

*Felt sheets can be found at your local craft store for about $1 a piece

Let’s get to it!

The Abu ears

The shape of Abu’s ears is very simple to freehand. Think an oval with a tab.

  1. Cut an oval and leave a tab on one side to be able to glue onto the hood of the brown romper.
  2. Repeat for the second ear.
diy costume

The Abu Fez

If you have checked out my Aladdin tutorial this fez will seem familiar. I followed the same process for both, and just added the decorative piece to Abu.

  1. Cut two circles out of the pink/red felt for the top and bottom
  2. Cut a long strip and measure against the circle circumference. When you glue the two ends they should fit into the circles. This might take some extra cutting to get it to measure to what you need.
  3. To create the top of the hat I glued one side to another piece of felt & cut around it.
  4. Once I had formed the fez I then cut a rectangle the same circumference as the Fez out of the purple felt.
  5. Cut a zig zag shape across the top of one side of your purple felt rectangle. It’s okay if it’s uneven or imperfect.
  6. Glue the rectangle to the opened part of the fez.
diy costume
diy abu hat

*You can see in this picture the purple decorative piece is added to the opened side of the fez.

Attaching the pieces

Because I did not want to make this a project involving sewing I hot glued the fez and ears to the hood of the romper.

  1. Insert the ear tabs between the fabric on both sides. What you will do is pinch some fabric where the ears will go and glue it in.
  2. Position the opened side of the fez on top of the hood and glue in desired position.

I promise it will look fine no matter how you go about this.

diy abu costume

The Abu Vest

The making of Abu’s vest was the most simple part of this DIY Abu costume.

  1. If your onesie or t shirt has sleeves- cut them off to leave you sleeveless.
  2. Cut the bottom of your shirt or onesies to leave you with an almost crop top length sleeveless top.
  3. Cut straight down the middle to leave you with a vest
diy costume
diy abu costume

This DIY Abu costume is so simple to make and cost under $25 to make! I had so much fun dressing up my boys in this dynamic Disney duo!

Abu costume for baby

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