DIY Costume DEA Agent & Hat Tutorial

I love putting together a DIY costume. One of my favorite ways to do it is by using things I already own or that I…


I love putting together a DIY costume. One of my favorite ways to do it is by using things I already own or that I can reuse.

As a mom of 4 I like to save where can and I am sure I am not alone in this.

Today I am sharing 2 different posts which all connect to one theme, Pablo Escobar & DEA agent DIY costume tutorials. The inspiration here was the Netflix show Narcos.

DEA Agent DIY costume

I knew this DIY costume was a must after seeing my twins for the first time! Lincoln with his curly hair is perfect for Pablo & Lucas’ light straight hair is perfect for DEA agent Stephen Murphy! Stephen Murphy was one of the lead investigators on the Pablo Escobar manhunt back in the day!

DIY Costume DEA Agent

DIY Costume DEA Supplies

Just as with the Pablo Escobar costume– you may be able to find these items in your closet. And if you have to buy them- they can definitely be used again.

First, search your closet for the following. You can also click my links below to find the exact ones I purchased.

  • Pink Polo– The pink polo idea is from the picture below showing DEA agent Stephen Murphy. You can also search Google for other options.
  • Straight Leg Jeans– You can use any jeans of course. These straight leg jeans from Target were inexpensive & a bit more of the 80’s and 90’s style.
  • DEA hat– You can find my DEA hat tutorial I made in under 5 minutes with my Cricut Explore Air 2 below.
  • Shoes- I kept it affordable and used shoes we already own
diy costume inspo
This image was found on ManyofMany website
Halloween Costume
DIY Halloween Costume

After you gathered all you need you just need to dress up!

This exact outfit is optional, there are many other photos from Narcos and real life images of Stephen Murphy you can go with.

DIY DEA Hat tutorial with Cricut Explore Air 2

The important piece to this outfit I found to be the hat. This hat let’s you know Lucas is a DEA!

My goal was to keep this costume easy to make and very affordable & I totally made it happen! Let’s jump in to this hat tutorial

What do you need for this DIY Costume DEA Agent hat?

DIY DEA hat materials

Step 1: Design

The design for this hat was simple- all I did was type out the words DEA and find a text that I liked. I measured out the size I needed to make sure the letters were large and easily read on the hat.

You can find & use my design HERE.

*In order to make this as similar to the original hat- I chose a basic font*

DEA hat
dea hat

Step 2: Cut

Once I had finished designing my writing it was time to cut. Remember to mirror your image when cutting iron on and place it shiny side down on your standard grip mat.

To remove your design flip your mat upside down and pull the mat away from your design. This way of removing will help reduce any rolling from the iron on.

cricut machine cutting
cricut crafting

Step 3: Weed

Weeding is removing the excess material to leave behind just the design you want to transfer. I personally love this step and find it strangely relaxing.

It must be something about the reveal of my design that I love.

DIY DEA Hat tutorial
diy DEA hat

Step 4: Iron On

After creating this project I decided I need an EasyPress2 Mini! If you don’t have one it’s okay you can use your iron!

I set my iron to medium heat to help avoid burning the hat.

diy costume hat

Place your design shiny part up on your hat & go over it with your iron using firm pressure. I went over each letter a few times and slowly for about 30 seconds.

Once I felt like my design was adhered to the hat I removed the shiny vinyl cover and boom!

This hat really tied in my DIY costume for Lucas aka Stephen Murphy DEA!

diy halloween costume

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