FREE Glue Dot Practice Halloween Worksheet

Lia is missing school & her friends A LOT! She’s missing the time she spent with other kids and all the fun activities she did in school. Because of that, I have been trying hard to implement some of the activities she used to enjoy. That’s what brought me to make a glue dot practice Halloween worksheet.

glue dot

What I think we both have enjoyed most of homeschooling has been the hands-on activities and arts & crafts! A few weeks ago during arts & crafts, I noticed my girl LOVES to glue crafts together.

She loves to add mountains of glue but dislikes it oozing everywhere. It was apparent glue dots was a skill we needed to work on.

glue dot worksheet

So today we are sharing this pumpkin glue dot practice Halloween worksheet your little ones can work on at home.
The goal is to get them to practice the right amount of glue.

Halloween worksheet for glue dot practice

A friend of mine said she uses the phrase “just a dot not a lot”. It is now the reminder we hum together when adding glue to our crafts.

These little activities are not just fun and education for Lia, they also provide us with some time to bond. Being able to watch her soak up what she learns has been what I love about homeschooling.

glue dot
free halloween worksheet
Free halloween worksheet

There are days that I can barely breathe. There are days where Lia acts out more than normal. But, taking the time to do something as simple as completing this Halloween worksheet has been so good for our souls.

I hope this activity brings you joy and peace for even a brief moment. Have tons of fun! We wish you all a very Happy Halloween!

halloween worksheets

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