Kids’ Playhouse Halloween Makeover

I dreamed of the day my kids would have a playhouse. My fantasies involved them spending so much time playing in their kids’ playhouse. While…


I dreamed of the day my kids would have a playhouse. My fantasies involved them spending so much time playing in their kids’ playhouse. While they would play I imagined myself decorating it for the seasons and holidays.

About a year and a half ago we made it happen! With Lia’s birthday savings and gift cards, we made our (I’m sure she was dreaming of it too) dreams come true!

playhouse outdoors

Even though we have had that house for over a year…this is the first time I finally made it happen. What better time to do it than for one of our favorite holidays- HALLOWEEN!

So are you ready to join me on the road to Halloweentown Backyard edition?

Kids’ Playhouse Decor- Halloween Edition

First I picked a theme for the decor

We love Halloween & our general tone is traditional Halloween colors. I wanted to bring that out to the kids’ playhouse too. However, since it is for the kiddos it was important for me to keep the decor fun & not too spooky.

Where do we go shopping?

I basically had the perfect excuse to go shopping! The best part of it- I was able to find everything I needed for this little project of mine in one place: Party City! You can basically find anything and everything you need to decorate all the spaces in your home this Halloween season.

Party City has so many options for Halloween Decor that won’t cost you an arm and a leg! I was able to pull this whole look for under $100! But the best part is the quality of these items is so great.

kids playhouse decor
halloween decorations

What did I buy for the kids playhouse ?

I have to start by saying I did go into the store to shop. However, you can and totally should take advantage of their Free Same Day Delivery &
Curbside Pick Up shopping options if you need to.

So for my fun but traditional Halloween Decor for the kids’ playhouse I stuck to black, white, orange, purple, and some green. I also stuck to decor that I thought was Halloween but cute not scary. The property owners of this house are 1, 4, & 10 lol so I had to keep it child-friendly.

I was so pleased to see that Party City carried an array of decor to fit your personal style. So what exactly did I get?

kids playhouse decorations

I bought some cute witches & ghosts, some glittery giant spiders, Frankenstein, more ghosts, a large bag of webbing, a spooky cloth, some Halloween kids cups, a black cat, a bale of hay, witch sign, pumpkin bags, witch hats, and of course my favorite- a Halloween tree balloon.

The salesperson was so awesome in letting me know that the Halloween tree balloon is blown up with a hand pump & I can keep refilling it to make it last through the holiday! YAY! See- VALUE!

The final product

Isn’t it cute? I am a mama who loves getting the most for her dollar. The quality of the products is amazing!

kids playhouse halloween decorations
halloween decorations
halloween table
kids playhouse decor
kids playhouse with halloween

Now, doesn’t it look great? It’s totally Halloween cute! The kids are so excited to get some time in what Lia calls their “Halloween House” this season!

It was such a fun project to take on and seriously cannot wait to enjoy more days with the kids surrounded by so much beautiful Halloween decor!

kids playhouse makeover

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