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We just HAD TO make this Pablo Escobar costume happen! Who loves the show Narcos like my husband and I ? Narcos is based on…


We just HAD TO make this Pablo Escobar costume happen! Who loves the show Narcos like my husband and I ? Narcos is based on the life of Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar and the manhunt by DEA agents.

Pablo Escobar costume

Our inspiration for this DIY Pablo Escobar Costume is our affinity for the show & by Lincoln’s curly hair.

I kid you not- the moment I saw Lincolns’ curls & Lucas’ light straight hair I knew I HAD TO make this Pablo Escobar Costume. In addition to the Pablo costume Lucas is DEA agent Stephen Murphy (one of the lead investigators on Pablo Escobar’s manhunt).

Now maybe you think this is a strange costume for a child, but it is a testament to the my husband & my sense of humor. AND- you can follow these same steps for an adult version of the Pablo Escobar costume as well.

The briefcase Lincoln has is made from a box and you can find the super easy and again affordable tutorial for that here.

You. Are. Welcome. Both costumes are super simple and affordable. You can find the DIY tutorial & details for Stephen Murphy’s costume here.

First, you need to search your closet, a thrift store, or click the links below to order what you need.

DIY Pablo Escobar Costume

Pablo Escobar Costume Supplies

  • Hawaiian Shirt– you can choose a Hawaiian shirt or a simple polo. Most images of Pablo picture him dressed in; a Hawaiian shirt, a polo, or a short sleeved collared shirt. Lincoln’s shirt is from Target.
  • Straight Leg Jeans– An inexpensive pair of straight leg or 80’s early 90’s toddler jeans will work. Remember- skinny jeans are new lol.
  • Eyeliner- you can choose to purchase a fake mustache. I find it easier to draw it on instead. I am pretty certain he will take off anything he feels on his face.
  • Accessories- To keep this costume PG I made a little briefcase for his costume. You can find the briefcase tutorial below. What’s inside? Who knows- lol! Other accessories could include an 80’s cellphone or a toy gun if you wish.
  • Curly Hair- Lincoln’s curls are the main reason for this costume. BUT- you can always find a wig to give you those locks
  • Shoes- If you want your DIY Pablo Escobar Costume to be 100% on- you need white tennis shoes. History shows Pablo wore only white sneakers, however- for the sake of keeping this affordable I recommend you use what you have.
pablo escobar costume and DEA costumes

Let’s talk accessories. In order to keep it child-friendly I opted to make Lincoln a briefcase vs a hand gun.

I made this briefcase out of an old snack box and construction paper in 5 minutes. Ready to make yours?

What do you need to make a DIY Pablo Escobar Costume briefcase?

  • Empty box: you can choose anything depending on the size you need. This old box of Baby Mum Mums was the perfect size for my 1 year old.
  • Black & Brown Construction Paper: or any color combination you want. I used two 9×12 black sheets and one 9×12 brown sheet.
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors or Paper Cutter
halloween briefcase

Step 1: Cover your box

First, glue two edges of the black construction sheets together. Next, use those sheets to wrap your box using the glue stick to glue it all around.

You can wrap this up as you would a gift!

I preferred using glue sticks to tape for a clean finish.

briefcase tutorial
pablo escobar costume

Step 2: Make your accents

Once you are done wrapping your box cut your brown construction paper into strips about 2 inches wide and 12 inches long. Glue two edges together to make the “leather” strap. Do this twice so you have 2 straps.

Next, glue the straps around and leave them open on the top to add your briefcase handle.

*See image below for reference*

diy tutorial
diy costume

Step 3: The Handle

To make the briefcase handle I glued the remaining 2inch strips on top of each other for thickness. Next, measure the length you need for the handle and cut the rest off.

Glue the edges of your handle right where the leather strip pieces are. Cover the handle edges with your leather straps and glue down.

*See image below for reference*

briefcase tutorial
pablo escobar costume tutorial

You are done!

Just put it together!

One of my favorite things about this Pablo Escobar costume is that all of these items can be reused or found in your closet already!

After you have gathered all the items you need all you have to do is dress up and add that mustache and you are ready to go!

I would love to see your versions of this costume!

pablo escobar costumer tutorial

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