Simple Toy Organization Ideas & Playroom Declutter

Toy organization ideas, let’s talk about that for a quick minute. Is it just me or do they seem to just multiply over night? With…


Toy organization ideas, let’s talk about that for a quick minute. Is it just me or do they seem to just multiply over night?

With 4 kids (1 year old twins, 3, & 10 year olds) it is safe to say we have A LOT OF TOYS. I am extremely grateful for every single gift from friends, family, and the partnerships through my work…but boy do they add up!

Mind you- our family rule is we go through their toys a few times per year (birthdays, holidays,etc.) and declutter. Another simple thing we like to do is rotate toys!

toy organization

When my husband and I moved into our home two years ago I knew the downstairs room had to be a playroom. I wanted our kids to have a space where they knew they could find all their toys and go wild!

Over the past two years I have learned that keeping that place organized was harder than I thought. I had this idea of everything having a spot and could be easily spotted and well- it didn’t work out that way.

You need the Right Equipment

Turns out what I lacked was the right equipment. I partnered up with mDesign Home Decor for the right organization equipment and to give the playroom a much needed organization.

mDesign has SO MANY OPTIONS- you can literally organize every single corner of your home with their products. Their website is organization heaven.

I started off by searching their website for an idea of what they carried and then inventoried our toy collection. Next, I had to find some closet organization ideas as well. We keep half of their toys put away.

In the photos below you will see what the playroom looked like before I dove right in!

cleaning toys
toy organizing

Simple Toy Organization Ideas

Stackable Bins

Clear stackable bins! They sound like a dream right? That’s because they are!

I love that they have a wide range of clear acrylic organization bins making it really easy to see what is inside everything. I found this specially important with toys- this way the kids can easily find what they want.

We rotate toys out of the closet and into our cube organizer every 2-3 months to keep the kids excited about play time. The ability to stack the bins in the closet saved us so much space!

There are a few different choices for these bins. There are sets that are all clear, some have colored lids, some lids detach, some are wide and not as tall, some are tall and narrow, etc.

toy organizing
toy organization

To start I chose a 4 pack of the medium and the large plastic stackable toy storage bins with lid. These are the wide and “shorter” version. This gave me a variety of sizes and I was able to fit so much in them.

The large bins worked great for our block sets and our ball pit balls too! The medium bins were perfect for Barbie and her friends.

The tall and narrow bins work great for our Little People, shape sorters, and smaller figurines.

You can see how neatly stacked everything is.

toy organizing

Hanging Closet Organizers

We have so much closet space I just had to maximize it. A hanging closet organizer is a great way to make a small space multiple in size!

I chose the hanging organizer with drawers so I could store some quiet time activities and things that I do not rotate (felt toys, puzzles, puzzles, and lots of puzzles). The drawers are easy for the kids to open, grab what they need, and close back up.

organized closet
organized closet
toy organization

Fabric Storage Organizer

Let’s talk books. We have A TON OF BOOKS. I truly mean a ton. We love to read & books are the one thing we don’t declutter.

Kid you not, there are books in the playroom, the girls’ room, and the boys’ room!

In the playroom we put up some acrylic shelves to display some books but wanted to have the option to rotate them as well. And, quite frankly that shelves are not enough space.

Toy organization ideas
organized books

The mDesign 5 Drawer Wide Fabric Storage Dresser Organizer was the perfect furniture for the job! I love that the 5 drawers allowed me to organize their books; board books, chapter books, and coloring books.

The top of the storage dresser was the perfect size to place some of our stackable bins we wanted easily accessible as well.

Ps: It was super easy to put together- I didn’t need to ask for help!

Toy Organization Ideas with a Cube Organizer

I LOVE cube organizers. When I remodeled my office space I brought in the 9 cube organizer into the playroom since it was bigger than their last. It gave me extra space!

In the past the bins I used for this organizer were fabric. I found the kids playing with the same things and not exploring the rest of the toys because they were hidden.

playroom makeover
clear bins with toys
toy organization

Sure, hidden looked cleaner, but where is the fun in that? mDesign has these great Extra Deep Plastic Kids Toy Storage Organizer bins that are clear and perfect for the job.

The bins provide me with the space and ability to organize the toys while giving my kids visibility! The fact that they can see their toys gives them more options and also helps with cleanup!

I no longer get asked “Where does this go?” lol! It’s visible! THANK YOU!

Art Supplies Organization

We have a ton of art supplies throughout our home. Both girls have schooling areas setup but the playroom is still a favorite place for them.

This Lazy Susan is perfect to organize their crayons, markers, and anything they use to color in the playroom. I love how easy it is for them to turn and find what they need.

A Storage Bench

The playroom lacked seating options. I imagined the girls grabbing a book and sitting down…but had nowhere to sit! haha!

A storage bench was the perfect way to give the kids a place to sit while also providing space to store things as well.

The Entryway Bench with 3 Woven Baskets is perfect for what we needed. We put it under the window for some good light and filled the bottom baskets with toys and more books!

storage bench
storage bench
toy organizing

With so many people at home during this time I see more and more interest in organizing. My husband and I have been venturing into all corners of our home to declutter, clean, and organize them.

By having the right equipment we were able to create a less cluttered space and gave every toy a home. The kids no longer feel overwhelmed with the space or just toss things in random places- yay for me!

I hope you enjoyed these toy storage organization ideas and happy organizing!

Toy organization ideas

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