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During our recent staycation we stayed in the City of Big Bear Lake. Our stay was full of fun activities all while social distancing with…


During our recent staycation we stayed in the City of Big Bear Lake. Our stay was full of fun activities all while social distancing with our kids. It was truly a perfect travel location for our family.

It was important to find a location where we could social distance yet still be able to have some degree of normalcy with our kids. One of the most attractive things about the City of Big Bear was the ability to enjoy time in nature while being away from crowds.

With 4 little ones, including our 1-year-old trips, we had to take into consideration kid-friendly activities as well.

city of big bear lake

Hike Around City of Big Bear Lake

One of my things about the City of Big Bear is the ability to go hiking. There are so many beautiful trails for all different experience levels. It is a great way to get outdoors and be far away from people at the same time.

We took the Pedal Path alongside the lake with the kids on their wagon for an easy stroll. The majority of the people walking or riding the Pedal Path were wearing their masks.

Fortunately, we were far apart from everyone to be away even from those that were not wearing them.

Relax By the Lake

During our trip down the Pedal Path we hiked down to the shore of the lake. This was probably one of my favorite parts of our trip. The shore of the lake was empty and we were able to safely remove our masks.

The kids really enjoyed touching the water, playing with rocks, and enjoying a snack lakeside. It was so much fun to see the boys’ reaction to this new environment.

Walking around the City of Big Bear Lake

If going on hikes in the mountains is not for you, I recommend simply walking around your rental. This was a ton of fun for the kids as well.

The City of Big Bear we found to be so quiet and peaceful at all hours of the day. We were able to safely walk around, enjoy nature while being socially distanced.

You don’t need to venture into the city to get a peaceful walk in the mountains.

city of big bear lake with family
girls playing by the lake
city of big bear lake
kids at the lake

Try Local Restaurants

One of our favorite things to do while traveling is to try local restaurants. The City of Big Bear has so many delicious and locally owned locations all throughout the city.

Most locations offer curbside/to-go and food delivery service options as well. You can try Uber Eats, Postmates, and Grub Hub to have your food delivered depending on your location.

Have a Picnic

The kids really enjoyed our picnic at Boulder Bay Park. The park is large enough to give yourself WAY more than 6 ft of space. We were able to set up a small picnic on the far end of the park and be completely alone. The kids had plenty of space to walk and run around.

There are walking paths around the park as well as public restrooms. the park is located on the East end of the lake and also has easy access to the lake for fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and a number of other water activities.

city of big bear lake
city of big bear lake
city of big bear lake


The backyard to our rental was a beautiful spacious hillside full of rocks for the kids to climb. We spent a lot of our time letting the kids explore. The best part was we were completely alone and could do so safely.

Climbing small rocks and boulders was a favorite of the girls while the boys enjoyed learning to balance walking down the hill.

Fireside Game Night

Because of the cold winter months, most homes in the City of Big Bear are equipped with fireplaces. We were fortunate enough to catch comfortable temperatures during the day and chilly mornings and nights.

Lighting a fire at the end of the day to relax and unwind was one of my favorite things to do.

Bike Ride

There are many bike and sports equipment rental shops if you wish to rent or you can take your own. Lia brought her balance bike and enjoyed riding along the Pedal Path.

For those adventurous mountain bikers there are great trails to take as well.

My Final Thoughts in the City of Big Bear Lake

The City of Big Bear Lake has a multitude of activities you can take part in while social distancing. Our 4 kids truly enjoyed what the city had to offer. Their favorite part was getting to be safely out in nature.

Throughout the city, you will find frequent reminders not to congregate, to social distance, and to wear facial coverings as well. I was pleased with the ability to be physically distant from other people during our stay while not compromising the fun of our trip.

It was the perfect taste of normal we needed.

city of big bear lake

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