Halloween Scavenger Hunt with FREE Printables

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! The kids love all the Halloween activities and decorations this time of year. With our decorations up I decided it would be fun to have a Halloween scavenger hunt!

free halloween scavenger hunt for kids

Without the ability to run around town finding all the fun Halloween activities I had to get creative. I want to make sure my kids still have the most fun they can during one of their favorite holidays.

So far we have enjoyed making cookies, using a Pumpkin Glue Dot Practice Halloween Worksheet (you can download it HERE), watching Halloween movies, creating DIY costumes (you find some of our favorites HERE), and making our very own witch brooms!

free halloween scavenger hunt
free halloween scavenger hunt PRINTABLE
free halloween scavenger hunt DIY

I needed something new for them to do, something to get them moving and exploring our home. Scavenger hunts have always been a favorite and the kids have so much fun. So it was time to get creative and put my mom creator hat on!

I created this simple Halloween scavenger hunt printable checklist with some characters and Halloween symbols they could find around our home. Some of the items were scattered inside and outside our home so the girls could enjoy moving around and take some time to find things.

free halloween scavenger hunt

I know that you may not have everything on this list, but I made it even easier! All you need to do is download, print the images below, cut, and hide around your home for your kids to find! I am all about fun but not tons of work activities!

It was 15 minutes of tons of fun for them and a lot of smiles for me! It is such a simple activity to put together and I hope you enjoy doing this with your little ones!

free halloween scavenger hunt at home

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