Holiday Baking with Kids: A Fun Family Tradition

This Holiday Baking post is sponsored by Tuxton Home. However, all opinions are 100% my own as always. Thank you Tuxton Home for the beautiful…


This Holiday Baking post is sponsored by Tuxton Home. However, all opinions are 100% my own as always. Thank you Tuxton Home for the beautiful bakeware.

The holidays are probably our favorite time of year. There is something so cozy about the season we just can’t help but bring out all the family activities we can. One of our favorite things to do with our kids this time a year is to get some holiday baking in!

This year is extra special because we got to include the boys for the first time. Our days holiday baking with our kids consists of a ton of laughter, music, and delicious treats.

baking with kids

Holiday Baking with Kids

We love the way baking with our kids is not just fun but full of so many benefits. From helping them with their senses to helping with math to just having a day full of fun there are so many great things about baking with them.

What a great opportunity for us all to unwind and have fun! This year not only did we add the boys to the mix but we also got new beautiful bakeware from Tuxton Home! We have everything we could possibly think of to make all the treats we desire!

Tuxton Home Bakeware

The Tuxton Home bakeware is perfect for us to use with our kids because it is such great quality. Pieces are chip-resistant and made for heavy-duty use! We not only bake a lot but also have to think about the wear and tear that comes with our tiny helpers.

Their pieces are oven safe up to 500 degrees giving us the versatility to bake just about anything and are made with safe materials for our family. Most of our baking is always done with the help of our little ones and having safe materials is at the top of our list.

Of course, we can’t skip out on the beautiful design, the beautiful variety of colors, or the fact that they can be stacked for maximizing storage space! But probably one of my favorite things as a busy mom of 4 is that they are dishwasher and microwave safe. This is key when we have our holiday baking days to make cleanup a breeze.

Holiday Baking with Kids
Holiday Baking with Kids
Holiday Baking with Kids

Holiday Baking with Minis

For our first holiday baking day with the boys, we decided to make mini pies. It was probably one of the most fun days we have had. The girls love using the Duratux Mini Pie Plates so they can have their own personal pie full of what they want. The boys of course loved digging their hands in everything!

Tuxton Home has a full line of all minis; ramekins, pie plates, créme brûlée, casserole, tarté plates, rectangular bakers, and individual casserole plates. This line is probably my favorite because it allows us to have a variety of desserts in mini sizes which encourages our kids to try something new.

I love my new Loaf Pan

I have officially joined the list of everyone who has made bread for the first time this year. The Tuxton Duratax Loaf Pan was perfect for my first bread but I am loving for making cobbler or mac and cheese too!

Before the season starts I like to make a list of the treats I want to try during the holidays. Some of these are old family favorite recipes and others are new ones I wish us all to try. I have grabbed a few recipes for bread and cobbler that are next on my holiday baking list with the kids.

Holiday Baking with Kids
Holiday Baking with Kids
Holiday Baking with Kids

What Holiday Baking Is Really About

If there is one thing I have learned this past year it’s the importance of time with my kids. We have been together every single day for the past 6 months and although we have times of anxiety, chaos, and just plainly rough days- we always make the effort to fill in the gaps with fun and beautiful traditions and memories.

Baking with our kids is a way we get to be together while making some tasty and then getting to spend more moments enjoying what we made. There is a sense of fun and pride that comes to my kids when we get to eat something they helped make. I love the confidence they get.

Holiday Baking with Kids

Holiday baking is about more than creating a beautiful looking addition to your holiday party, it’s about the memories you create in the process. I can’t wait to continue to share with you all these beautiful moments and some of our favorite recipes, mistakes, and fun we had in the process.

The holidays are upon us. We love to have holiday baking with our kids! Check out one of our favorite family holiday traditions #holidaybaking #baking #bakingtime #familytraditions #traditions #traditional #holidays #holiday #theholidays #christmas #christmastime #cookies

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