The Easiest Monsters Inc Family Costume

I am loving creating cute and easy DIY costumes this season! One of our favorite Disney movies is Monsters Inc. Of course, I had to create a DIY Monsters Inc family costume for the 3 littles!

This family costume set is one of my favorites I’ve taken on with the kids. The 3 little ones looked adorable. (My oldest is at that too cool for us stage lol). All 3 outfits were super easy to put together/ buy online.

monsters in family costumes

Monsters Inc Family Costume


Creating a Boo costume is one of the easiest things ever! It is such a simple costume you can make for kids and adults.

Of course you can choose Boo in her staple item or in that adorable purple vest disguised as a little monster. I went with just the easiest I could put together to make this easy for you guys and myself.

I purchased an oversized pink t-shirt and lavender leggings for Lia. All I did was pair that outfit with some white socks and made some cute pig tails!

boo monsters inc costume

Mike & Sulley

I almost made these two myself. But I had to think about something that was quick to put together and opted to purchase these two pieces the boys can keep on wearing.

Shop Disney has such a great selection of outfits that can be worn as costumes but also as everyday clothing. I love that I can get multiple uses out of it!

The Mike Wazowskie romper is so cute and comes complete with a hat and mittens to make your baby transform and keep comfortable at the same time.

For my little Sulley I went with this adorable Sulley costume pajamas for toddlers! It is SO soft! Your little one can wear it as a costume, pajamas, or just because outfit!

monsters inc family costume
family costume

The kids looked absolutely adorable and I cannot get enough of them dressed up!

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This Monsters INC family costume is so easy to put together and so adorable! My favorite thing is you can use the items again and again!I This is the perfect costume for the Disney loving family like mine! #monstersinc #diycostume #costume #halloween #halloweentime #halloweencostume #halloween2020 #diycostume #diycostumes #diy #disneycostume #disneydiy #diydisneycostume #mikeandsulley #sulley #monstersuniversity #pixar

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