Trolls Drive-By Birthday Party Ideas


A few weeks ago we had a weekend full of celebrations for our four year old, Lia. The first celebration was an at-home party and the second a Trolls Drive-Bye Birthday Party with friends and family.

Celebrations during the pandemic have made us a bit more resourceful and creative with celebrating. Drive-by birthday parties have become a norm in our family and a ton of fun too. To keep the magic alive and also get the most of our decor, we reused decorations from Lia’s Trolls Birthday Party the day before!

trolls world tour drive by birthday party

Trolls Drive-By Birthday Party Ideas

Trolls Drive-By Birthday Lawn Decorations

The first thing we did was rent the giant Happy Birthday lawn sign. This is a quick and easy way to make your front yard festive. I went with colors that matched the Trolls World Tour decorations.

Goodie Bags

Making goodie bags is a fun way for us to make our drive-by parties as close to “normal” as possible. I prepare the goodie bags a few dance in advance so the items inside are not touched the day of. These paper goodie bags from Unique Industries were perfect to hold everything.

goodie bags

Adult Goodie Bags

We have a lot of family and friends who love to celebrate with us who do not have kids of their own. Because of that, I like to make goodie bags for our grown ups full of snacks as a thank you.

Inside the “adult” goodie bags I placed some cookies, a hand sanitizer, and a bag of my crack corn. To make it easier for me, I used a separate color bag to differentiate.

good bags

Kids Trolls Drive-By Birthday Party Goodie Bags

The kid goodie bags had a Trolls plastic cup, a pencil, Trolls temporary tattoos, a few pieces of candy, and a pair of Trolls Sunstaches.

The Sunstaches were a huge hit! Sunstaches are fashion-forward sunglasses that help transform you into your favorite characters. They were a key item on our Disney trips and an easy way to dress up your little ones.

Trolls Drive-By Birthday Party Decorations

One of my favorite parts of a drive- by party is how easy the setup and cleanup is. We bring out our canopy, a few chairs, a table for the goodie bags, and keep it simple!

For the canopy I used a fun Trolls hanging decorations part of the Trolls World Tour Party Decorations 7 piece set. I also paired it with the Music is Life banner and more Trolls Hanging Decorations.

The table was covered with a Trolls Plastic Tablecloth showing all of Lia’s favorite characters.

Trolls World Tour Drive-Bye Party bags
Trolls World Tour Drive-Bye Party favors
Trolls World Tour Drive-Bye Party dress

Passing Out Goodie Bags

We like to have a parade-style drive-by party. Our friends and family line up and follow in a line down to our house. Each car stops, we hand them their goodies, we grab gifts/signs, say hi, and come back to the table to sanitize and drop off things.

I make sure to sanitize between each car and make masks mandatory for anyone grabbing goodies for each others’ safety.

The kids love all the honking, yelling, cheering, birthday signs, music, and laughter we get to briefly share with our loved ones.

Although we miss being with everyone drive-by celebrations have given us the ability to celebrate in a way way.

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