10 Must Have Books About Twins

Being a twin mom is truly something else. Ever since we found out we were expecting twins, I have been drawn to everything about twins. I love finding books about twins to read to the boys and growing their collection.

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In my 1 year and 4 months as a twin mom I have come across a few books about twins that we absolutely love! It is a great way to expose them to stories about other twins.

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Whether you are looking for a baby shower gift, a birthday gift, or a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer- I GUARANTEE it will put a huge smile on that twin mama & her kiddos!

10 Must Have Books About Twins

books about twins

1.A Twin is To Hug

You can now preorder the board book version of A Twin is To Hug. You are able to preorder this super cute book about what it means to be a twin, from sharing to the lifelong friend you have.

2.Two is For Twins

Two is For Twins was the first book we read about twins. It was a gift from the boys’ Godfather and the cutest story ever. I love that it talks about the ways twins are the same but also can be their very own unique person.


I love the storyline of Twins! It is a view of the day to day life of twin parents. From the double the diapers and bottles right to double the love you get with twins. It is a beautiful story!

4.No Two Alike

One of my favorite thing about having twins is getting to see how similar yet different my boys are. No Two Alike is a beautiful story where two birds explore the ways everything in nature is uniquely different.

5.Twin to Twin

I love the way Twin to Twin takes you on a twin journey from infants to toddlerhood. This cute rhyming book is an adorable read bound to keep your little ones engaged.

6.Playtime for Twins

For a fun book all about playing, I recommend Playtime for Twins. As a twin mom I was really excited to read this to them but even more so felt like I could totally relate!

7.Bathtime for Twins

An adorable rhyming book full of bathtime fun! The boys absolutely love bathtime! Bathtime for Twins is bound to make your little ones and you giggle!


As a mom of fraternal twins, Fraturtles, is one of my absolute favorites! Fraturtles is a great story answering many of the fraternal twin questions. These fraturtles discover being a twin is about sharing their lives.

Take Two!: A Celebration of Twins

9.Take Two!

Take Two!: A Celebration of Twins is a series of poems all about twins. The poems range from in the womb to toddler twins. A fun and unique twist to traditional stories.

10.Twins: A Picture Book

I love the story behind Twins: A Picture Book. It is a story about all the things twins do together, the struggles in their relationship, but most importantly the concept that they always have each other. Talk about sweet!

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