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The list of home projects continues. Little by little we are creating beautiful spaces in our home. I had an idea for a Disney photo gallery in our upstairs hallway and finally got to it!

We have created so many memories at the parks over the years and have some of our favorite family moments there. Creating a photo gallery of these moments was an absolute must. Not to mention what a better way to bring some of that magic that we miss so much.

photo gallery wall

Photo Gallery Frames

Art to Frames

We love the quality of Art to Frames products. Our downstairs photo gallery was created with their frames and the quality is just amazing.

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I love that you can customize just about every frame from the size, color, style, number of photos, hardware, glass material, and backing. You can design your perfect frames this way.

My idea was to create a photo gallery with different sized frames and a slight variation in color. I picked some collage frames along with single image frames as well to really give it a coordinated but not 100% matching look.

For my photo gallery project I picked the following styles; Barnwood Style in Grey Oak , Off White Wash on Ash , and Inch Distressed White on Barnwood Style.

I wanted a mixture of collage and regular frames. In the Off White on Ash I picked 3 frames in the 8×10 size. In the Barnwood Style in Grey Oak I got two 4 opening collages (4×6 pics) one with the photos inline the other two on top of two, and 2- 5×7 frames. The Inch Distressed White on Barnwood Style I got one 3 photo collage (4×6) and 2- 2 opening frames.

packaging of frames

Ordering and Shipping

Art to Frames makes it so easy to order and customize your frames. You can choose from single image to collage frames with up to 11 photos. Not to mention they have everything from photo frames to shadowbox options and more.

My favorite feature is the ability to choose the mounting hardware. You can choose from wire to easel backs or whatever fits your needs. We went with the sawtooth hardware for our frames.

I am so impressed with how protected the frames arrive fully covered in bubble wrap and packaged super safely.

Photo Gallery Assembly

The first step was adding the sawtooth backing to the frames depending on whether we wanted a landscape or portrait layout. Once the backings were done and pictures were in hanging them was a breeze.

photo frame installation
assembling photo gallery
man with baby

My Husband’s Photo Gallery Trick

We first laid out the frames on the floor for an idea of how to arrange the frames. This gave me the ability to move the frames around a bit until I found what flowed.

My husband has adopted a pretty neat trick for our photo galleries. All we do is place masking tape on the hardware and draw a pencil line. We then grab the frame and press it where we want it on the wall. The pencil marking will transfer to the wall and BOOM!

After the marking is transferred to the wall we check if we are hitting a stud or not to see what kind of nails to use.

photo gallery frames
gallery frames
photo gallery wall

The Final Product

I am so happy with how our Disney photo gallery turned out. It’s nice to have this space of our home covered in our fun times at our happy place.

Our home is slowly but surely becoming more cozy. A photo gallery is a great way to literally place some of US into our home.

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photo gallery

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