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A source of joy, sweat, and love has been transforming our home the last two years. We love working our butts off to transform the…


A source of joy, sweat, and love has been transforming our home the last two years. We love working our butts off to transform the home we bought into the home we wanted for our kids. I am so excited to share our home exterior reveal with you guys.

Our House is a Work in Progress

Over the past two years, we have taken on a lot of home projects, both big and small. The first big project was removing the popcorn ceiling and painting the majority of the rooms in our house. This project took a lot of work and a lot of help to complete.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a room! With the new ceilings and paint, our home already looked so different.

In the years to come, we re-landscaped our yard, whitewashed our fireplace, made a mantel for our fireplace, decorated our daughters’ room, transformed a bedroom into a dream nursery, created a playroom for our kids, updated our kitchen, updated my office, and added a homeschool section, and endless other projects.

exterior transformation

Our House Exterior Needed Curb Appeal

But the one thing I wanted to do so badly was give our home exterior and update. We needed MAJOR curb appeal. However, that type of project is expensive and was at the bottom of our list.

It was at the bottom of our list until we had a blessing disguised as a termite problem. A few months ago I noticed what looked like termite droppings in our living room. After an inspection we learned we indeed had a termite problem.

During one of the inspections (I recommend you do a few to get different quotes), the inspector recommended after treatment we paint our home for added protection. With the painting of the home there is a cleaning, sanding, and filling of holes that needs to take place to prepare the house.

There you have it- a blessing in disguise for us. It basically bumped my biggest dream home project to the top of our list. Time for some curb appeal. We wanted new garage doors to go with the new color of our home! Seriously a whole facelift to our home exterior.

home exterior makeover

Our Home Exterior Was A Go!

After a virtual consultation with a Sherwin Williams consultant, we had found a color scheme my husband and I both loved. I wanted to steer away from the browns and make our house more of a cottage style. We went with Mindful Gray for the house walls, Pure White for the fascia and eaves, naval for our front door, and a mix of the Mindful Grey for our patio ceiling and Gauntlet Gray for our patio beams.

As soon as we had a schedule painting day we scheduled some consultations for our new garage doors. I had an idea of what I wanted as far as design which made the process easier. Having windows is important to give us some light. My husband wanted some insulation to help keep our garage from getting too hot.

home remodel
home exterior updates
updated home exterior

A few weeks later we had a freshly painted home and these beautiful cottage style garage doors. See those metal accents? They just made the whole look flow so nicely! We also removed the metal door we had as well!

It is amazing to look back at our house and see our vision come to life. It is a true product of love. You better believe we aren’t done with our home projects, is anyone ever? Up next is a new mailbox, landscaping our front yard, and a few other things I can’t wait to share!

home exterior reveal


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