How To Destress: 5 Simple Ways

This shop has been compensated by Inmar Intelligence and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TeaProudly #BigelowHugInAMug​ Hello friends. If you have followed along, you…

This shop has been compensated by Inmar Intelligence and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TeaProudly #BigelowHugInAMug

Hello friends. If you have followed along, you know how wild my life as a mom of 4 can be. Not to mention you add on my anxiety and I find myself needing to decompress and focus on self-care a bit more. I am always looking on how to destress and take care of myself. With January being Hot Tea Month, I definitely love incorporating  Bigelow® Tea​ into my self-care routine.

It turns out that taking care of myself ultimately trickles down to caring for my family and everything else better too. When I allow myself the time to care for my mind and my body everyone truly wins.

How to Destress : 5 Simple Ways

As a person who openly shares about my struggles and stresses with anxiety and as a mom of 4, these 5 simple things make a huge difference in my day. From something as simple as enjoying a cup of Bigelow® Tea to building new habits, I hope my 5 simple ways on how to distress help you too.

How to Destress: 5 Simple Ways


A year ago I could barely recognize myself. After the birth of my twins, I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. I knew I needed to focus on myself and learn how to destress.

I began to consistently exercise and have never looked back. It is such a great way to let go of those stressors and blow off some steam and the perfect start to my day. Not to mention it’s made me stronger too.

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Enjoying a cup of Bigelow® Tea alone has been an important part of how to destress. I love getting to enjoy my cup of tea quietly and to myself daily. The most important part is I have made it a part of my routine and is now a key part of it. 

I am a HUGE tea lover. I have Bigelow® Tea on hand in my pantry at all times. Whether I am enjoying their caffeine-free versions to help soothe my stress levels or need that extra boost with their Black Teas, Bigelow® has something for it all.

I love their foil packaging that brings freshness and quality ingredients in each cup. Bigelow® Tea is my go-to because of the variety of teas available and the incomparable taste. Every flavor is true to its description and so incredibly soothing. See how “every cup counts” in the video below!

On my last Target run, I picked up Bigelow® Cozy Chamomile and Bigelow® Lemon Ginger to have on hand. Both teas are caffeine-free and each provides me with the comfort I need to relax, unwind, and refocus in the middle of the day. You can pick some up in the store or order online!

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How to Destress : 5 Simple Ways
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My favorite is to have a mid-day post-lunch cup when my twins nap and my older two enjoy quiet time activities. It is MY time in the middle of the chaos of the day where the house is quiet and really helps set me up for the remainder of my day. It truly is a moment just for me.

Don’t forget to grab your Bigelow® Tea at Target.


I began meditating a few months ago and have loved it. It is a great way to momentarily clear my mind and refocus. You can find many free and subscription-based apps to help guide meditation.

My routine consists of meditation followed by my cup of Bigelow® Tea to give me that mid-day reset. I find the post-lunch time to be the time I need to reset the most.

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Every day at 9:30am you can find my family of 6 strolling our neighborhood. My kids, husband, and I have worked a 30-minute walk into our day-to-day.

It’s very important for us to spend time outdoors and safely enjoy breaks in our day. For those 30 minutes, we leave the work and stress behind.

journaling to help reduce stress


Some days journaling looks like pages of venting and writing down my worries. Other days it is a simple list of things I am grateful for. A simple 5 minutes of your day to write what is going on in your mind or bring you back to a place of gratitude can make a world of a difference.

The most important part of learning how to destress is to stay consistent and listen to your body. Try to catch your stress before it becomes too much and follow these 5 simple ways even on days you feel okay.

Enjoy your cup of Bigelow® Tea! It’s my #1 choice of tea!

#AD As a mom of 2+ twins, a work at home mom, an entrepreneur, and a wife I have stress coming from all directions. Learning how to destress has been crucial to my mental health and overall well-being of myself and my family. From enjoying a cup of @BigelowTea found @Target to exercising I am sharing my 5 simple ways you can use to destress too @Sofabfood #mammabearsays #TeaProudly  #BigelowHugInAMug

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