Easy Wand Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine. I come from a long line of creatives. Since…

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

I come from a long line of creatives. Since I can remember I have loved creating. Now as a mom, I love finding things I can create with my kids. This Wand Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids was a super easy project my four year old and I got to make with the help of my Cricut Explore Air 2.

Lia loves to pretend she has magic and waves anything that resembles a wand around the house. She grabbed a pencil to pretend and it gave me the idea to make her a wand. I also wanted to add some Valentine’s Day decor so I figured why not make a few wands and add them throughout our home as decoration as well.

valentines day craft for kids

For the 15 minutes we spent creating these wands together, we got hours of play and so many smiles. With twins running around and an impatient preschooler, my Cricut machine made it probably one of the easiest crafts ever! My favorite part of it all was getting to use materials I had already.

Easy Wand Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

Wand Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids Supplies


Wand Design

The simple design of this Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids is my favorite! It didn’t take much to design or put together and she absolutely loved it. To start off all I did was find the heart in the shapes section of Design Space and size to what I needed.

You can grab my design HERE.

designs space
design space
design space

Cutting the Wand

The cutting process took one simple step, after selecting Make it, type in how many copies of the design you want and hit apply. Remember you need to cut two hearts per wand.

I love how to easy to use my Cricut Explore Air 2 is, I simply loaded my paper to my light grip mats and followed the prompt to cut.

*Don’t forget to select Glitter Cardstock when cutting glitter cardstock*

After your hearts are cut, to avoid the rolling of the paper flip your mat upside down and pull your mat away from your design instead of pealing paper from mat.

cricut cutting valentines day craft for kids

Assembling The Wand

The first step in assembling was placing one heart pattern/texture face down and gluing the dowel to it. Once the dowel was glued one I glued the second heart, leaving the top of the heart open for stuffing. Remember to glue your heart with the pattern or texture of your cardstock facing out.

I let the glue dry well before handing it over to my little helper for stuffing. I grabbed a few cotton balls and let Lia fill the inside of the hearts. The cotton gave them a nice puffy look.

After the hearts were stuffed I glued the top of the hearts to close them up. For the gluing, I used my hot glue gun to finish faster and keep it more secure.

gluing cardstock
assembling valentines day wand

Adding the Ribbon

The last assembly piece is to choose your ribbons. I love using my 5′ Cricut Scissors for cutting things like string and ribbon. We each picked a few different colors and ribbon textures to add to the bottoms of the wands and cut them to different lengths for a fun look.

To make sure the ribbons would not slide down the dowel I added a dot of hot glue tot he top right under the knot of the ribbon.


Now You Can Enjoy Your Easy Wand Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

After our wands were assembled it was time to play! Lia has loved running around with her magical wand. She loves the colors and how quick and easy it was to make, but her favorite part is that we made them together.

I added a few wands into my faux floral arrangements to add an easy Valentine’s Day decor touch as well!

wand for kids
valentines day craft for kids

If there is one thing I am very appreciative of is the ability to create beautiful, fun, and easy things with my kids. They share my love for creating and my Cricut machines make the possibilities endless.

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