Father’s Day DIY Keychains

This Post Is Sponsored By Cricut. All You Read Here Are 100% My Own Opinions.  You guys know I love making DIY & personalized gifts….

This Post Is Sponsored By Cricut. All You Read Here Are 100% My Own Opinions. 

You guys know I love making DIY & personalized gifts. For Father’s Day, I wanted to make something special, simple, and practical to show the special dads in our lives some love. With some help from my kids, we decided to make some DIY keychains with my Cricut Maker!

I was super excited to try out the engraving tool with my Maker, something I have not had the chance to play with yet! My kids and I teamed up on this gift, I made the DIY keychains and they made the card with my Cricut Joy and their super easy-to-use card inserts. If you are looking for a fun and practical gift, this tutorial is for you!

fathers day keychains

DIY Keychains

Keychains Supplies

cricut machine cutting
design space

DIY Keychains Design

The Bottom Layer

For these keychains, I wanted a simple design. It was my first time using the engraving tip so I kept it fairly simple. My idea was to layer a faux leather engraved piece on top of a wood veneer piece for some support. You can find my design right HERE.

My first design part was the wood veneer portion. I used the circle shape from Design Space and sized it to about 2.75 inches width & height. To make the cutout portion for the keychain ring, I added a small circle, positioned it near the top and sliced it. This created the cutout for the keychain ring.

design space
design space

The Top Layer

My top layer was just as simple to create. I created one for my husband, my dad, and my father-in-law at the same time. Each of theirs had their name engraved on the faux leather. I followed the steps previously mentioned to create another circle with a keychain ring opening, but this time I made it smaller than the first so it would leave a little border.

I added text and selected the engrave option as you can see below. Next, I selected the text with it’s circle and attached it. BOOM DONE!

design space
wood veneers for cricut

To Cut

Cutting as always with my Cricut machines is super simple. After double checking my designs I loaded my strong grip mats. When placing the wood veneer on top of the mat I went over it with the brayer to ensure all sides stuck well.


From the materials list, I selected faux leather for the top layer and was instructed to use the engraving tip first. When my Maker was done engraving I was instructed to switch out for my fine point blade. Both steps were super easy to follow. The prompting definitely helps.

For the bottom layer I selected the wood veneer option in materials and moved on to cut my design.



My design was super simple and I am so happy with it. To assemble simple layer your faux leather onto your wood veneer cutout and glue them together. Once your glue has dried you can go ahead and add a jump ring to connect your DIY keychain to the key ring with chain.

I used some small pliers for this part. To add the final touch, attach your tassel!

*Tassel instructions below*


The Tassel

To make the tassel you can simply click here and follow the steps. I used a tassel earring design I found on Design Space! When assembling my tassel I added the screw eye pin to the center. After your tassel is dry, add a jump ring to attach it to the top of your key ring with chain.

Keychains for Fathers Day

The Final Product

I hope you are proud of the keychains you have made! A simple design, but the personalization is what really makes this gift extra special. For the cherry on top you can use your Cricut Joy to create a DIY Father’s Day card with designs in Design Space. My kids love being able to choose the card they want and creating it with one simple step!

The personalization is my favorite part of Cricut creating! Now that I have my first engraved project under my belt, the possibilities are endless!

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